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Chapter 4 - "Making your Home Safe"


It is amazing that so few people know that it needs to be done ! Dowsers can clear their own house or office, and help others by clearing theirs. First Dowse to locate any ` thought forms ' or other ` entities ' that are in the space. Ask that your Pendulum ` ... point to any entities and thought forms that are detrimental to the inhabitants and occupants of this house (or office), and circle when at the location '.

At each location, ask The System ` ... in Love of Healing and Helping Others, and getting all specialist help required, now please help all negativity at this location by removing it and taking it into the Light with Love ' - and expect to see your Pendulum make a big " YES " circle, possibly making a " Big Kiss " when finished.

Make certain that each room is completely cleared before moving to the next room - ask The System ` ... is this room clear of all negativity ?' and expect to see your Pendulum make a search (pointing in various directions) but staying in one direction if it finds another to be cleared. If it makes a " YES " circle then the room is clear. Then thank The System for the help given.

Occasionally the clearing will not be done, and in such a case there will be a very good reason why not; you can ask The System for this reason (and what must be done to allow clearing of the house) using your message chart.


From ancient times in China, `Feng `Shui (meaning wind and water) ` the art of placement ' has been used to site homes and public buildings, and to protect them from spirits and dragons. Understand that by dragons is meant the power of hills, mountains, rivers, and growth such as trees to influence homes.

Nowadays land space is at a premium, and most of us do not have the choice of building homes in the most desirable places, such as having a mountain behind with a specifically shaped stream nearby. We may have to buy an existing building. So the accent is on ` How can we make this place safer ?'

I understand that the special Dowsing charts, in circular format and having numerous rings, are used in `Feng `Shui to determine the needed actions.

If you cannot move a mountain, you can build a small mound to be an imaginary mountain, and place gates, ponds, trees and gravel to represent blocking and welcoming features.

Spirits are welcomed (if good) or else repelled by the placement of doors, windows, mirrors, furniture, and ornaments within the dwelling.

Perhaps it is the thought associated with the placement that is more important than the actual article used.

I have no experience of `Feng `Shui, and suggest that you contact experienced Feng Shui practitioners for their specialist advice.


The next task is to deal with earth energies. Many people sleep, or sit for long periods such as at work, in places that have energy fields or rays that are not good for them. The result is often cancer, tumor, or other disease.

`Walter `Woods, Past President of the `ASD, a renowned and greatly respected Dowser, has identified the identification and neutralization of geopathic zones as the most important use of Dowsing in the current world. `Geo relates to the earth, and `pathic means detrimental to health.

The earth energies may be detrimental to some, and beneficial to others. Those which are noxious to humans are loved by cats - so if your cat likes to sleep on your bed or favourite chair - beware !

The energies come from a number of sources. A particularly bad one is ` black water ' veins, where very potent emanations occur over water flows deep in the earth.

The `Hartmann (N-S & E-W) and `Curry (NE-SW & NW-SE) grids occur in all parts of the earth at about 2m - 3m spacing. Some Dowsers consider that they can be bad or good, depending if `Yin or `Yang in direction and type, and that their intensity can vary with the time of day, sunspot activity, eclipses, and the phases of the moon.

And there are the human created electro-magnetic effects. If you are close to electrical power lines and even house service transformers you can be affected. Perhaps radios should not be placed too close to your head in your bedroom.

There are vortexes of energies in some places, spiraling to the sky - often causing trees to grow twisted.

Where these energies cross the effect is often magnified, especially if they are all `Yin or all `Yang.

People can still suffer from an overdose of good energies, or find that a small dose of bad medicine can have beneficial effects. The effect of exposure varies between people depends on the strength of the energies, the length of exposure, and the person's resilience - babies being very sensitive.

Cats, ants, bees, and many insects like the energies which are noxious to humans. Dogs, horses, cattle, pigs, and mice act in the same way as humans when subject to the energies.

Trees and plants are affected in the same way, some loving one sort, and others hating that sort. Beekeepers eliminate mites by placing the hives on Yang lines - which bees love but is ` death to mites '.

The effect on humans is to increase the chances of suffering from diseases such as multiple sclerosis, asthma, depression, heart trouble, rheumatism, insomnia, cancer and other tumors, mental disease and nervous system disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, Alzheimer's, anxiety and hypertension, allergies, and epilepsy. It may well increase the chance of a baby dying due to the sudden death syndrome.


Dr `Melnikov, Director of the Medical and Ecological Department of the Geo-Ecological Centre in `St. `Petersburg, Russia, reports a 5 year study looking at a 5 mile stretch of the city for geopathic zones in which 100 of 1,000 house were labeled as being ` cancer houses '.

Hospital and medical records were checked; 90% of oncological cases occurred in the zones, including direct correlation with leukemia in children. Traffic records showed a corresponding high rate of traffic accidents in the streets.

It has been determined that these energies rise way above ground - that a person in an apartment at the top of a high rise building will be just as susceptible as a person living on the ground floor. `Kathe `Bachler's book ` `Earth `Radiation ' documents her research into more than 3,000 apartments, homes, and workplaces in Austria, noting case by case the effects of bad water energies and the `Curry Grid energies on pregnant mothers, babies, children, and adults - on sleep, health, and school performance.


Such a lot of bad news! But there are ways to alleviate the situation. They can be avoided, and Dowsers can divert, block, or neutralize the rays from water.

By Dowsing if a bed or chair is in a noxious zone, that zone can be avoided by moving the furniture. You can Dowse that a noxious zone exists in a bed, and by tracing the zones find that they cross in a certain spot. On many occasions they have been told stories such as ` Aunt Mary slept here, but she died of breast (or stomach) cancer ' and found that the zones crossed exactly at where her breast (or stomach) would have been !

The easiest way to help is is to ask The System to locate these dangerous places, and then avoid them by moving beds and favourite chairs so that they are out of the way of these earth energies.

To do this, go to each chair and bed and ask ` Is this a safe place for a human to sit ? .. to sleep ?' and if the answer is " NO " then go to an alternative position and ask the same question until you get a " YES ". Be sure that the whole of the new bed position is safe ! If you still have problems, get the help of a more experienced Dowser.

Then tell the people that the bed or chair is in a bad position and could cause cancer or other diseases, and advise them to move it to the safe location that you have found with the help of The System.

Helping other people to make their home safe is really worth while - especially if you teach them to do it themselves.

It is my understanding that the `Curry grid carries all the energies such as Love, hate, greed, jealousy, and others that effect the way that humans react - as explained in the section on Chakras; it is this grid that should be avoided most.

The `Hartman grid appears to me to be a boosting grid for the `Curry grid; it may not carry and energies in the forms they have in the `Curry grid, but supplies life force (or Love) to them irrespective of their task.

Thus it may be that the effect of the Hartman grid on humans is to boost the energies within them - helping them to improve if they seek advancement, or assisting in their downfall should they be choosing to be bad.

Perhaps the `Curry and `Hartmann grids are fixed and permanent grids that encircle all parts of the earth.

Dowser `John `Van `Drie has good success using the Power of Thought to place a psychic block of gold / golden light (about 3m or 10 feet thick) around the building, as a thought-form barrier for protection.

`John says this protection blocks both the rays from ` bad water ' and the `bad' energies in the grids.

You can do this too - just ask The System to place it there to protect the occupants, and visualize that it is being put there with Love, ask that it does not hurt any other life, and that it stay in position for the time that the house stands. And check that it is successful!

Note that when diverting any energy it is most important that it is not sent where it will do any harm to others.

Research in Europe has discovered that bad water zones approach, but do not enter, many old building built of stone and brick. Was this because the builders tapped each stone or brick into place ? It seems so, and recent properties have been so protected by placing stones to surround them and hitting then with a mallet to bond them to the earth and activate their protection.

Dowsers can discover the lines of these zones, and by banging iron stakes into the ground and hitting them in the direction sought the zones are diverted.

There are many other methods and tools, including copper coils in rooms and around beds, that have been used to protect people.

One problem that has been discovered is that coils, talismans, and devices are put in position with the love of money or of ego building.

They may work for a short time, but seem to lose their ability over time.

On checking, I found that they were often ` not made / placed with True Holy Love ' - the Love of helping others with good intent, `Namaste.

It is wise when placing any protection to ask the help of The System to find a suitable method, to ask that any change not be detrimental to any other life (not just human, but avoid hurting any ` small people '), that the protection be supervised by The System, and that it last for the life of the building. And then Dowse to see if this has been done in a good way, and if any further problems remain that need help.

Be polite - thank The System for its help and love! And I always ask that the occupants of the building be blessed with Holy Love. It is an excellent idea to ask the others to join you in this simple prayer of thanks !


You can use your Pendulum to see if your pet is sick, and ask questions to find out what is wrong and how to cure your pet. You can do this to plants as well, asking ` Does it need more water ?', or ask which fertilizer and how much.

Most of us are very surprised when we learn that we can tell what animals and plants need. But it is even more amazing when we realize that they can tell what we are thinking !

Some years ago there was a lie detector specialist called `Cleve `Backster who became interested in plants. He decided to test how long it took for water in a plant pot to reach the top leaf in a plant which was dry, so he attached a lie detector to the top leaf.

`Backster was amazed to see that the lie detector indicated happiness as soon as it was attached, even though no water had been added. He then wondered if the plant would give an unhappy signal if he set the leaf on fire - and was astounded that the plant gave that unhappy signal as soon as he had the thought! This experiment has been well publicized both in books and on television.

The implication of this is that plants (and it follows also animals) can feel and can think. I believe that they can also express love - animals most certainly do.

In my thinking the main ability that humans have over animals is think about the future. We seem to be the only known live forms on earth that have this ability. But this does not mean that we should not respect all life forms, just because we have one better attribute - birds can fly. Do they look down on us ?

Try cutting a leaf in two, getting a friend to hide half, and then Dowsing for it - holding the other half in your hand. You will find that the two halves seek each other ! Remember to ask permission of the leaf first, to show respect.

Experiment with your message chart to exchange messages with your pets.

You can have a wonderful time ` talking ' to your dog. And you might be able to get your plants to grow better - and grow prize vegetables in your garden.

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