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Chapter 3 - "Improving Health"


There are four prime causes of health problems - physical reasons, such as having fallen down; emotions, like anger, fear, and jealousy; mental upsets, especially worrying about situations; and spiritual causes, for example doing something that you believe is wrong. Always use the term ` health problems ' since it includes all sickness, disease, and other problems.

Many people have discovered that some of these are carried on from previous lives. If this is so in your case, the help of a good psychic should be considered. You can use Dowsing to check if a particular person is the best one for you.

It is important to realize that a health problem may have more than one cause - an emotional problem may reduce your defence capabilities so that physical exposure enables the disease to take root.

`Carolyn `Myss has written a number of books on this aspect of health, seen as a ` medical intuitive '. Her first book is perhaps the best one, dealing with a number of cases. She explains, for example, that people with anger often have heart problems or arthritis. But heart problems can also occur due to old age.

Her later books concentrate on another factor - the refusal of people to get well, for reasons such as enjoying the sympathy of others, or the misused power that being an invalid gives to control the lives of others !

To help yourself (or others with the approval of The System) first ask ` How many serious health problems do I have ?' For each one, ask if the cause is physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual - remembering that there could be more than one cause.

Now go through each type of cause of each health problem, asking ` Is XXX the cause? '. And be guided by your thoughts - it is probably intuitive thought assisting you in your search. This routine takes time - but is worthwhile to do properly.

Later you can use the Message Chart to get details - for example ` Worry about who cares for me if my wife died ' or ` Anger to my father who abused me '.

You may be able to help reduce pain or put a disease into remission with the help of The System, but it may well return unless the cause is eradicated; this is the really hard part - especially dealing with anger.

Note that this discussion has nothing to do with medical support; your doctor may well be giving you the best treatment to cure a disease - here we are trying to eliminate the causes of disease that doctors not removing.

Do not expect that all cures will lead to perfect health. In the view of The System forgiveness may be all that is needed before a human evolves to a higher form - the Healing of Heaven is a different healing from that of earth!


Perhaps the hardest anger to overcome is that which you harbour against a parent who abused you when you were a helpless infant in their care. Indeed, nothing can justify that sort of behavior. The resulting anger, however, can do far more damage to you than did the abuse - so you must learn to deal with it.

From your point of view the case is quite clear - and you can never forgive and forget. So you must look at it from the other person's point of view - by no means an easy task !

Perhaps the parent was abused; it could be physical or vocal. The parent may have been brought up believing that such behavior was normal. In fact, you might be having just that same problem, and be restraining yourself because you do believe it to be wrong.

Perhaps your father did not have the same will-power to restrain himself, or lacked the support coming from other members of your family that you enjoy.

It may even be that this was a lesson that both of you had decided to work out together to overcome the ` Karma ' - perhaps in a previous life you had abused him ! There are many people who believe in this sort of karma - and they may be right.

What you are doing here is trying to find some excuse, however far-fetched and ridiculous, that explains your father's actions and allows you to forgive him. That is all. You are in this for yourself, not him ! It does not matter what you think to anyone else - only to yourself !

If you can do this, and genuinely say ` Father, I forgive you ', then the memory of that abuse will cease to pester you, it will stop making you ill. It is past; it is finished; you can concentrate on what is happening in your life today - not events of long ago !

Another major problem of forgiveness is forgiving oneself. Perhaps you have been angry with a person for some series of events that happened years ago; you want to rid yourself of the troubles caused by anger, and this is one of the cases that comes to mind.

You examine the events from your view, and it seems as if you were right. So look at them from the viewpoint of the other person; perhaps some thing that was said was completely misunderstood, and this error started all the negative behavior. You may have been at fault; and even if you are not sure where to put the blame, it is better to accept it than to have the problem continue !

So apologize to the other person. You do not even have to do it to their face - although it may help them if you do, and be more meaningful to you. But they may have moved away or died. So say the apology - and really mean it.

Now you can start the forgiveness. To forgive oneself is often completely overlooked ! But it can be the key to clearing anger - and other emotions - from your system, so you can again become healthy.


When you were young you assimilated the life around you; the behavior patterns you observed helped you to fit into your family and society.

But the family may not have been the best, society has changed, and the patterns may have been misformed anyway.

Please excuse a couple of examples from my own life!

The night after I wrote the previous piece on anger, I had a dream about my first wife and three non-existent daughters who were riding bicycles. My wife and one daughter yelled ` go away ' as I rode to them.

In my dream I took this as being rejected, and got most upset. In a later scene I showed anger, to their surprise - they had wanted me to keep clear of their bicycle race.

This dream set me thinking. It seemed to be tied into the piece on anger. Did it have any real life significance?

I had lived in a very sheltered environment as a small child, and did not meet any girls of my own age. When I was 7 years old, I liked a girl and wanted to go to her birthday party. I was not invited. I took this as rejection. All through my youth and my adult life, including two failed marriages, I saw myself stamped with a ` REJECT ' label!

So it was 60 years later that I was able to tear this label from myself. I realized that the little girl could have been given a limited number of friends to invite, or had a boy friend to whom she was loyal.

I had been suffering from her action - but it was my mistake in putting a wrong reason to that action. So I apologized to her (imagining that she was there to listen) and forgave myself for being such an idiot. Looking at ME, without carrying the ` REJECT ' label, allowed me to see a person who actually had a lot of good points, and had always been approached by women - but had ` succeeded ' in rejecting them first !

When I very young I greatly admired my grandfather. He was a very kind and generous man, about 90 years old - and I wanted to be like him.

When I used my message chart to ask my subconscious why I smoked, I was told ` To be like grand dad '. I asked what this meant, and was told that I had wanted to be like my grandfather. This was true, but why did I smoke ?

Well, he smoked cigars, and my mental picture was of this old gentleman with a cigar. So my subconscious self had translated this into a desire to smoke - so I would be like my grandpa ! Once I explained the error, and forgave my subconscious, I was able to reduce my smoking.

Now these events happened to me over short periods. Imagine the strength of behavior patterns developed over a long time, for example in a family where the husband is usually drunk, beats a nagging wife, and abuses his children. They grow up knowing that a real adult acts in the same way !

They may also think that it is OK to act, but not to talk about their way of life. It becomes hidden. When helping somebody who has this problem you may not be aware of it - and they will avoid telling you !

So what can you do ?

Well, The System knows it all. And it knows how to fix things. So just pass the problem to the experts ! Say ` I ask in Love of Healing, if there is any problem in their family life, please fix it, so that all in their family are helped '.

A lot of fat people would like to be slim. You can help them ! But you must start by making sure that the reason for getting fat is really understood.

Females tend to get fat due to nature; they are ` programmed ' to store energy as body fat so that they (and their babies) can survive a famine. This is a safeguard to ensure that the human race survives a natural disaster. This a ` spiritual ' reason.

A different source of ` getting fat ' is mental - feeling insignificant. This is feeling that you do not have your rightful place in society.

So you, as a person, want to be more substantial, to ` stand out ' more. And this is translated by your own body mechanisms to mean that you want to be fatter !

So use Dowsing and your message chart to discover what is causing the fatness, explain this reason to the person, and work out with them how to remove this cause. Then you can start to get the weight reduced.

Every day, preferably before each mealtime, the person should say ` I want no more fat; let slimness be implemented '. Soon the person will be influenced to not take the extra snack, and to use the energy stored as fat. This is an expensive process, since new clothes will be needed !

Your ` unconscious self ' is in charge of making your system work for you, so that your heart beats, etc., irrespective of what you consciously want. It also makes you do other things like smoking, perhaps influenced by thought forms.

If you want to change a habit, you must ask your unconscious self to change its routine. And ask in Love - it does not like to be bullied !

You may find it best to thank your unconscious self for the way it looks after you, explain that you would appreciate its help in stopping your habit, explain why (especially if you reason with it that it likes to live, and the habit is hurting your health and shortening your life), and praise and thank it for the result even before the result happens.

If you can discover the events that caused a particular programming of your subconscious (or the development of thought forms) you can ` relive ' the situation / events in your imagination, and give a different ending which is more in line with the change that you desire to make.

It seems that if you ` relive ' this a number of times, your subconscious will accept it as being the truth and become ` reprogrammed '.


If you are going to buy herbal remedies or vitamin supplements, you can ask The System for assistance; ` Do I need a remedy ?', ` Please point to the shelf with the remedy that I need ', ` Is the remedy on this shelf ?', and ` Is this the remedy that I need ?' - or ask similar questions using your message chart.

You can ask for the strength to be purchased the dosage to be taken, and how often to take it. After this, ask if there is another remedy that you should also take, and if so, then repeat the procedure. And you can help your medication to be more effective!

Apply or take your medication, hold your Pendulum over the place that needs healing (or as close as you can get) and imagine a golden light coming to you through your Pendulum. Say ` This golden light will make my medication work better; it will heal me faster ' - and it helps if you imagine the medication and healing light actually making all well!

You will probably see your Pendulum make big " YES " signals, and then stop when you have enough. It may even give you a " Big Kiss " at the end !


There are schools of thought which believe that all living bodies have auras which work with a Chakra system, connected to pathways along the spine, to mould our actions and our bodies - and the subtle systems used in acupuncture. Each Chakra (or disc) is associated with specific colours and sounds.

The Chakras may be considered to be a sort of transceiver, transmitting and receiving not radio signals, but a higher level system of communication which is yet to be discovered scientifically. These Chakras may not be fully open in some people, or tuned into negative aspects instead of desired positive ones.

Perhaps you could have a happier life, and find that things ` go your way ', if your Chakras are operating correctly ! First of all, ask via your Pendulum ` Does my body have a Chakra system ?' and if " YES " then ask ` Is my Chakra system important to me ?', ` Are all my Chakras operating correctly ?', and 'Should I learn more about my Chakra system ?'.

There are many books on Chakras and their associated physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual characteristics - all concerned with your health. If your Chakra system is important to you, it may be worthwhile to get some books from the library that help you to understand Chakras, learning their location and associated colours and sounds, so that you can improve their efficiency.

If you decide that you want to check your Chakras, you can ask for each one ` On a scale from 0 to 9, how important to me is this Chakra at the present time ?' (and use the Counting Chart to find out), ` .. 0 to 9 .. what is the efficiency of this Chakra ?', ` What colour is associated with this Chakra ?', ` Do I have any problems related to this Chakra ?' then take the first thought that comes that could indicate a problem and then ask ` Is XXX the problem that I have to correct ?' - or find out using your message chart.

Then you must think of ways that could overcome or correct the problems, and check to see if you have found the right basic intentions, such as forgiving, apologizing, leaving a bad relationship, or changing your job.

`Mike `Doney, one of the best Dowsers in the world, has found that there are grids for things like sadness, joy, sorrow, happiness, hate, and love. Note that sadness is spiritual, while unhappiness is emotional - they are not the same!

It seems as if our auric systems tune our Chakras into these grids - so we choose (via our system) whether we want to laugh or cry !

My personal investigations have led be to believe that our Chakras are like microwave dishes tuning into these energy grids, and that they are operated by the endocrine glands of our body acting like the tuning and amplification devices of a radio set.

It may be that the attunements performed by `Reiki practitioners and the Emissaries reset these endocrine glands, so that they tune into the beneficial aspects of these energy grids.

But if you are not prepared to release anger, greed, hate, fear, jealousy, etc., then your body will revert to the previous noxious settings.


The classic investigation into Dowsing and Healing was done in France by the `Abbe `Mermet and `Louis `Turenne (of the French Military Academy). An excellent exposition of their work is in ` `Supersensonics' by `Christopher `Hills.

By using Pendulums having magnets affixed which could be rotated they experimented with the ` frequencies of vibration ' of many substances - and of diseases. Their work culminated in a ` black box ' built by Dr `Abrams.

This contained a number of dials that could be rotated to give a numeric readout of the frequency of a disease, calibrated by rubbing your finger on a ` sticky pad ' which indicated the correct setting of the dials.

The medicinal or herbal cure could then be found by it having a corresponding frequency. Of course, this was completely ridiculed by the authorities, since there was no ` scientific ' basis for its operation.

It was so stupid that it worked even with a drawing of the wiring and battery, without even having to have the real thing ! Quite utterly ridiculous. But it worked!

In fact it worked just like any other form of Dowsing - by using the Power of Thought and the help of The System.

It is much simpler to use Dowsing charts - you can make your own or buy special books of charts. They can even have a chart which is an index ` For this person, which chart should I use to help improve his health ?'.

And going to that page, ask which problem needs attention - checking to see if there is more than just one problem. Then you may be led to further pages to determine the cause, and more pages to learn the cures, including strength and dosages to be used.

Remember that this sort of thing will work for all life - you can build similar charts for use with animals and with plants.

But always remember that there is privacy involved - always ask permission before starting, using ` May I ?, Can I ?, Should I ?'.

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