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Chapter 2 - "Popular Uses"


Have you heard a little voice or felt a feeling deep inside you - that tries to help you? Perhaps you wish it would help you more often !

That little voice or feeling comes from the intuitive part of your mind.

Perhaps it is The System trying to help you, or your friends ! You have a sudden thought that you should do something, or go somewhere, or see (or telephone) somebody. And you have been surprised when doing just that solved another problem.

If you get an urge to go to the river, it may be because somebody needs your help. But you do not just rush off to the river! You ask The System if you should go, and if it is safe for you to go. If so, then you leave a message saying where you have gone in case you get into difficulties, or so people can find you if another emergency needs your help.

Do not boast about your skills ! Just use them quietly and carefully.

As an example, if a friend has lost something, you may not be able to find it for them, since it is not ` your ' thing. But you can try - and when you find it, you can say how pleased you are that ` The Dowsing System ' helped you to help others,


You can check using your Pendulum if a particular food is good for you to eat.

Perhaps you feel ill at odd times, and wonder if you have an allergy.

Ask The System ` Do I have any allergies ?', and if the answer is " YES " then you can write down all the things which you think may affect you, hold a pointer (a pencil will do) in your other hand and point to each item in the list in turn, asking ` Am I allergic to this ?'. Then avoid that item and see if you feel better.

You can always ask how you will get on with a person. ` Can I trust Pat ?', ` Is Pat telling me the truth ?', ` Will Pat be a good friend to me ?' and ` Has Pat taken my pencil ?' are all excellent questions to ask The System.


But it is wrong to ask these same questions when they concern Pat and some other person - you should only ask if YOU are involved.

And asking about some one else, such as ` Has Pat any allergies ?' is wrong unless Pat has given permission for the question to be asked. This is like poking your nose into another person's diary !

Asking ` Is my girl / boy friend interested in some other person ?' will always tell you " YES " - but the sort of interest may not be what you meant! The ` some other person ' may be you, the interest may be for business reasons, or because they are relatives - or they may be a fan of a film star. We are all interested in many other people.


Now repeat the lesson on using your Pendulum to point directions - remember to ask permission to practice.

How is this skill useful? Well, if you cannot remember where you left your pen, glasses, or bicycle you just ask that your Pendulum point the direction ! You can even ask the direction to your dog (or cat); try and find your dog this way - if he gets lost on another day using your Pendulum may help to find him.

` Hide and seek ' will take on a new meaning with help through your Pendulum - for finding other people, or have someone hide something for you to find.

If you ask your Pendulum to be pointed to north, you could be surprised when it pointed to a friend or neighbour - this could happen if the name of the person was `Pat `North ! So ask for ` the direction of polar (or magnetic) `north '.

If you are looking for a ring (lost in the grass) you can walk in the direction shown by your Pendulum, and ask that as you approach the ring, your Pendulum will change from making a straight ` to & fro ' motion to a clockwise ellipse, and then to a "YES" circle when over the ring, and then signal with an anti-clockwise ellipse when you have gone past the ring.

This program can be used to find many things - and you may find it works best with a Bobber, which is less troubled by the wind, and can work close to the ground without you having to bend down. Or you can tie a Pendulum to about 1 metre / 3 feet of thin bamboo /doweling and use it in the same way.

Get some pennies and ask your friend to hide then in the garden (or the beach, or even under a carpet); then use your Pendulum to find them. Ask that your Pendulum ` point to the nearest penny ' until you find them all.

Another way is to hold your tool to the right side and get a direction, and then to the left side for another direction - the penny will be where the directions cross. Perhaps ! If you asked for the second direction to point the same penny you will find it, but it could be pointing to another penny - so make certain that you ask it to point to the same penny !

When your Pendulum indicates that you have found a penny, ask if there is more than one - in case your friend put a few together. You can get an exact count by asking about increasing numbers.


This method of pointing can be used for map Dowsing; and a ` map ' can be a sketch showing approximate dimensions. Is this important? Yes, indeed. Practice and make perfect, and then you can help find people trapped by earthquakes - and even use your skill to uncover landmines if needed !

If you have a map, you can search for a lost dog, stolen bicycle, or a friend's location. Just hold your Pendulum at one corner of the map, and ask that your Pendulum show you the direction of your search object, and mark the direction on the map.

Then go to two more places on the map, and get 2 more directions. If you draw lines on the map, they will cross to make a triangle. This is the method used in surveying land. If the triangle is large the answer may not be accurate.

This may be because the target (such as a car) may be moving, or perhaps your feelings for the search item may be too weak for you to get identification.

If you are searching for another person, you may not get a good answer if the person does not want to be found - so you may find it difficult to locate a thief.

Map pointing can be used to locate your next home. If you are using a map of the whole district, then the area that the triangle covers may be large. You can reduce the search area by choosing points on the map that are close to the triangle and getting new directions from those points.

Another way is to move a ruler down the map until you are signaled to stop, and then across on this line until the position is given. This is not as accurate as triangulation. Or you can mark the map into squares, and Dowse ` Is it in this square ?'; but your target may be in more than one square !


Another very important skill to learn is tracking. Ask your friend to walk around the neighbourhood (or on paths in the woods if you live in the country) and remember the route taken. Then ask that your Pendulum show the path taken. Or you could track animals in this same way - it is the same sense that trackers use !

A little hint - your friend may try to trick you by going through the same place twice ! So always ask The System ` Which direction did my friend take next ?' so that you trace the exact route. Then check with your friend to see how well you did.

Or you could play at hunting in the same way - get some bits of paper, write numbers on them, and get your friend to leave them (in order) on his route.

Then hunt for these using your Pendulum.


When you are exploring, remember to ask The System if you will be in danger before starting out ! Next you can ask that your Pendulum point to what you are seeking; it will swing ` to and fro ', so check which direction to take. When seeking a small object, ask it to make a " YES " circle when found.

Do not be disappointed if your direction finding does not work well the first few times - if you practice with your Pendulum now, to improve your skills and build confidence in using your Pendulum, then you will be ready for when you really do have a need to search.

Your Pendulum could save your life ! Suppose that are camping in a place that you do not know well, and that you are exploring some woods. Suddenly you realize that you are lost !

Being a well trained Dowser, you are carrying the most important part of your equipment - your Pendulum! So ask that it point the way back to the camp site. Remember that it swings backwards AND forwards - one direction will take you to the camp, the other away from the camp. So if it swings left/right (or forwards/backwards) ask if left (or forward) is the direction to take.

Now it may be that the direction shown is the most direct, but not the safest (a ravine - or even a wild animal - could be in the way); so it would be better to ask that your Pendulum show you the ` quickest safe way ' to the camp !

But what happens if you FORGOT to take your Pendulum ? Well, you can make an emergency Pendulum to get you out of trouble. Take a piece of string, and tie it around a small stone, and use that as your Pendulum.

If you do not have a piece of string, use a length of vine or tear a length of bark from a small branch of a tree. Try not to use your shoe lace, because if your shoe is loose then walking will be more difficult.

You use your Pendulum to find some water, but then wonder if it safe to drink. So ask via your Pendulum ` Is it safe for me to drink this water ?'

If you ever get really lost for a long time, you may get very hungry. You can pick some leaves or pieces of grass, and ask via your Pendulum if they are safe for you to eat. This is for emergencies only, so do not go eating leaves unless you have a real need.

For example nettles may sting you, but are good to eat; dandelions are very good, but you may not like their taste. You may be able to eat most snakes and bugs - so long as they do not eat you first !


You must be most careful to be honest and truthful using your Pendulum. Pretend that you are a child who does not like broccoli; if you ask The System ` Should I eat my broccoli ?' and it signals " YES ", and you then tell your mother ` My Pendulum says I should NOT eat my broccoli ' then you are spoiling the training that you have done with your Pendulum.

You must ALWAYS be honest and truthful - especially about using your Pendulum. Even if your Pendulum indicated ` Eat your broccoli ' you may choose not to eat it - that is your choice ! But DO NOT blame the Pendulum if you ignore the advice given and run into trouble.

Remember that you do not have to speak when using your Pendulum, only to THINK the question. If someone asks ` What did you ask your Pendulum ?' you can always tell them ` sorry, but that is private '.


Suppose that you want to go out, but are not sure whether you should go to the Red Wood Park, the baseball field, the skating rink, or the swimming pool. You can draw some lines on a piece of paper (like the ` counting chart ') write the names in the spaces, and ask your Pendulum to indicate the best place. To be really accurate, you should add ` stay home ' and ` somewhere else '.

You could put the names of friends instead of the names of places, or use colours to ask which one is best for a purpose. Or if you want to know which campsite you would like most this summer, write their names and ask !

Instead of using your Pendulum to point to choices drawn in a semi- circle, you can write a list and ask The System to show which is correct - or the best choice.

Write down all the things from which you want to choose, hold a pointer (a pencil will do) in your `other' hand and point to each item in the list, asking The System ` Is this the best choice ?'.

This can be used for many purposes, such as which subjects should you study, what books to read, or where to go to eat or for a holiday.

And you can ask what colour clothes you should wear; each colour has its frequency of vibration, as do emotions, feelings, and the Chakras which many leading thinkers believe influence our personal life. But ask with a purpose in mind. The colour to wear to become successful may not be the same as the colour chosen if you want to relax !

Another major decision would be choosing a place to live. Map Dowsing can locate the neighbourhood, but there are a lot of crucial questions which should also be addressed. ` Will this house be conducive to a happy family ?' If you just ask ` Will this house suit me ?' you may get " YES " while the answer for your partner or dependants would be " NO ".

You can also ask ` Are any major repairs needed soon ?' ` Are there problems with the foundations ?' ` .. the roof ?' ` .. the insulation ?' ` .. the heating system ?', .. ` the fire warning or prevention system ?', ` Is a zoning change likely to happen in the next 10 years ?', ` What is the lowest price that we can negotiate to buy this house ?'.

In Europe it is now usual to ask if there are any earth energies which would adversely affect the occupants - zones where high incidents of cancer occur have been identified by skilled Dowsers. Skilled Dowsers can identify areas dangerous to sleep or sit, and move these energies to make a place safe.


Other dowsing tools like the `L' and `Y' rods will indicate metal pipes, electric cables, and running water - without having to be told what to seek. Your Pendulum can be used to find these too.

As an exercise, go into your garden or the street, where you think there may be a water pipe (or electric cable) and ask that your Pendulum ` Make a " YES " when I am above a water pipe ' - and see if you can trace where it runs.

If you just ask The System ` Is water here ?' you will probably get " YES ", since most ground has some dampness in it ! You have to ask your questions very carefully. If you are just looking for a drink, then ask ` Where can I find surface water which is safe to drink ?'

If you are looking for a place to sink a well, then you could ask that your Pendulum ` Show me where I can find an all-year round continuous 50 gallons per minute supply of good drinking water within 100 feet of the surface '; but if you start walking to the next town you may have to revise your question.

You could say ` Show me the best place to drill a well on my land to get good drinking water ', and then when you find the spot ask ` Should the well be more than 30 feet deep ?', ` 50 feet ?' until you find the depth to drill.

And you can then ask ` Will I get a continuous all-year-round supply of more than 20 gallons per minute ?', ` 50 gpm ?', until you get the correct flow.

But taking that flow may prevent the water going to another well used by someone else; this is bad practice - so you must always ask ` How much water may I extract without harming the supply of any other person ?'

You may also need help from an experienced Dowser who is able to divert bad water away from a well, and get more good water to flow in.


Perhaps the most useful Dowsing that you can do with water is to improve the quality of the water that you drink. A lesson from a very experienced Dowsing Instructor, `Bill `Askin, is to get a glass of water and sip it to get the taste.

Then hold your Pendulum over the glass, and ask ` that everything in the water that is harmful to me in any way be removed ' - and when your Pendulum stops circling taste the water again - and it may have a different taste !

But wait - the experiment is not finished ! Now ask ` that all the sustenance and nutrients that you need for your Highest Purpose be added to the water ', wait until your Pendulum stops making a ` virtual pyramid ' over the glass, and taste again !

You can verify that the ` life essence ' of the water has improved by checking with your counting chart. It seems that life and light are closely related - and that the life essence (or radiance) can be measured in Angstrom units, a measurement of light.

Since you interested in the change that occurred, you do not have to concern yourself with understanding what an ` `Angstrom' unit means; just ask ` Please indicate the radiance of this water in thousands of Angstroms ' at the times that you taste it. (See the Counting section. for detailed methods)

In ` `The `Secret `Life of `Plants ' the radiance of a normally healthy person is quoted as being about 6,500 Angstroms; food which has a higher radiance is healthy for you, but if it has a value below yours then you may lower your own radiance (your life force) by eating it.

The book suggests that if you eat meat, smoke, or drink alcohol then your radiance will be lower, and that the lower your radiance the more likely that diseases will hurt you.

One way to improve the radiance of food is to pray that it be blessed before you eat it. Test this by asking for the radiance value before and after the food is blessed - and be ready for some surprises !

You can also ask for the relative goodness of the water or food for you using the counting scale from 0 to 9, with 0 being very bad and 9 being the tops.

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