Discover the Secrets of
Dowsing with Your Pendulum

Intuition Technology
- Dowsing is IT !

Make your Home Safe and
Healthy for your Family !

With notes on Dowsing
using ` L' and ` V ' rods


We start by learning how to use a Pendulum, especially the signals
needed for accuracy and the correct method of asking questions.

Uses such as water divining, improving water quality,
and locating people and objects are introduced.

We discuss making your home healthy and preventing diseases
- particularly on finding and neutralizing geopathic zones.

The Message Chart helps us to converse with Higher Intelligences such as Angels.

"Let the Force be with You"

" `Your `Pendulum "         `ISBN `0-9686323-0-0
Copyright reserved, but freely granted for non-commercial use
by the Author `John `Living, `P.Eng., Vox & Fax: (403)686-6259

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This publication last revised: 2000 JAN 29

From `Barbara `Prisbe, An editor of the Journals of the American and the British Dowsing Societies:
I received your new book and was MOST impressed with it. ... I've a beginning dowser friend and am going to have you send her one. This is truly the best primer for a beginner that I've seen.

Review (for `Chapters) by `Bruce `Boatner, of `BLADES (Bio-Location And DEtection Services) Program:
There is much vital information in this small booklet. I have found `John `Living's work inspirational and invaluable in helping to formulate the `BLADES (Bio-Location And DEtection Services) Program that I hope will one day be able to train personnel in the location of hazardous materials and explosives in airports and other public venues.
I became interested in John's philosophy on dowsing after reading an article he wrote about dowsing for land-mines to safeguard children of war-torn villages. I had also heard of the Army & Marines using dowsing in Viet Nam to locate hidden weapons caches and underground complexes.
John is a professional engineer and has also practiced dowsing in the British military. As a Viet Nam vet and Electrical Engineer myself, it was instant credibility for me.
John's priority, based on his background, is what works and what doesn't work. Dowsing is not a game. Land-mines play for keeps. John does not push his beliefs on anyone, but at the same time makes it clear that there are Higher Powers at work in dowsing and without their cooperation, one cannot expect to achieve significant results.
There are three basic elements necessary for productive dowsing: Proper Intention, Proper Preparation and Proper Focus. The fact is that in order for dowsing to work at all, there must be "Something" that knows the answer. We must learn to communicate with this Higher Power, understanding that any failure to secure a correct answer is related to our incapacity to sustain one of the three required elements (which includes asking the right question!).
Dowsing is a gift that is intended to help others. It also requires a lot of practice. "Dowsing for fun" very quickly degrades into random results and frustration. John shows how to overcome the seeming Catch-22 situation of "how can I practice a lot of "trivial" dowsing in order to get good enough to help anybody?". The answer lies in your intention to help others in future situations.
John tends to suggest that all dowsing sessions should take on a fairly formal setting, stating one's intentions and asking for proper permissions. I have found that becoming more formal in my sessions has had a major impact on my growth as a dowser. It helps to maintain the proper mental and emotional atmosphere conducive to getting results.
John's work is obviously a labor of love.

My Personal View - Dowsing and God
Some Simple Guidelines
Societies, and Computer Users
About the Author
About Dowsing
Dowsing Applications
Bonding with your Pendulum
The Signals that you use
Using a Bobber
Tuning your Pendulum
Training with your Pendulum
Asking Questions
More Counting
Helping People in Need
Personal Help
Other People
Pointing - more directions
Map Dowsing
Be Honest and Truthful
Making Decisions
Dowsing for Water
Water - the Essence of Life !
Causes of Health Problems
Overcoming Anger
You are being Controlled !
Medication and Dosages
Chakras and Spinal System
Making your Home Safe
Feng Shui
Geopathic Zones
An Actual Study
Mitigating Earth Energies
Pets and Plants
**Not Available in the abridged version on the Internet
About the Message Chart
Conversations with Angels
Understanding the Symbols
Using the Numeric Scale
Starting a Conversation
Receiving a Message
Overcoming some Problems
Important Questions
Improving your Skills
Its a two way street !
Crop Circles
Using `L' Rods
Using 'V' Rods
Brain Patterns of Dowsers
French Coil - Pest Control
Library Resources


Please accept that although this booklet has been written based on my own beliefs, I do not intend to force the same beliefs on you! This introduction is to help you to understand my beliefs about Dowsing, not to convert you.

I am certain that there is some ' Force for Good ' which tries to help us and that Dowsing is one way that we can get that help. Perhaps it is just ' universal intelligence ' which is there to help us all. How does a human being describe such a force? It may comprise many different ` entities ' (capable of thinking, feeling, and loving - that is ` living ') which are beyond our understanding.

To me ` God ', ` The Great Spirit ', ` The System ', ` The Good God System ', ` The Force for Good ', ` Universal Intelligence ', ` Angels ', ` Spirit Guides ', and other terms used by people are all referring to aspects of the same ` Higher Entities ' - like different parts of a ` Higher Government ' - ` The Team '.

I believe in God - the Force for Good; I have had that belief justified throughout my life, and recently it has been proven to me by messages received by me using the message chart.

I have been told what to do, warned of events before they happen, and been given names of people who I will meet (and the time and place) who were unknown to me. And these were proven correct. Perhaps when we pray we talk to God; and when we Dowse we listen to God.

Einstein's famous equation, E = MC^2, equates energy and matter. All living things are a mixture of energy and matter. Gravity holds matter together; I believe there is a similar force that binds energies and matter together, and pervades the whole universe. It is called 'Love'.

The Eskimo have over 50 words for ' snow ' - and we have but one word for ' Love '. The Love that is a ' Force for Good ' is the Love of helping others - not only humans, but the whole of creation. It is the True Holy Love, `Namaste.

I suggest that God wants us to display our Love of God by helping others, and that it is more important to do this all the time than to just attend church, irrespective of the religion that an individual follows. ` Others ' includes all forms of life, not just mankind; we should work to improve life for all creation.

This idea is supported by Dowsing - you will often find that you get the most accurate results when helping others - giving your help to the ` Force for Good '.

Why is this not done anyway, without your request? Because people are expected to do their ` own thing ', to learn their lessons with the minimum help. But The System loves to be asked to help, since that gives it the ` excuse ' to make things better !

  • Now let us all work together in a team
  • To help all others in all creation
  • In the spirit of Namaste, the True Holy Love
  • For the Highest and Best Good of All Creation.

This idea is supported by Dowsing - you will often find that you get the most accurate results when helping others !

`Namaste,             `John `Living.

Using the Message Chart I received this definition of `NAMASTE :

I recognize in you myself.
I see in you my image.
I am trying to be helpful to you in your mission.
I wish you well in life and will help you as best I can.
- For the Highest and Best Good of All Creation.

... this is the meaning of True Holy Love.


1. Be sure that the wording of your question is clear and not ambiguous.

2. Think only of your question - get other thoughts out of the way - especially all thoughts about the answer expected.

3. Remember to define what you are questing, why you are asking, May I ?, Can I ?, Should I ? - and then to check ` Is my understanding ..... correct ? ', ` Is the answer true ? '.

4. Ask permission to practice - and do not misuse the answers.

5. If you think that you may be influencing questions that concern yourself, get somebody else to Dowse for you.

6. Respect the privacy of others - ask if you can help them before interfering, even to give them help.

7. Tiredness, stress, noise, and interruptions may lead to unreliable answers. Always check that your answers are correct and that you have understood them properly.

8. Dowsing to help others gets the best result - and gives you more satisfaction.

9. Never boast - be humble, and give credit (and thanks) to ` The System ' that gave you help.

10. In all your life, only have good thoughts - always wish well for others. What you wish for others comes home - to you!

11. If ` I Love You ' seems inappropriate in a message that you are sending, then do not send the message!


When you join a Dowsing Society you get to meet other people who are Dowsers - and you can help each other to improve your skills and to overcome any problems that you may have.

The societies publish quarterly journals, packed with Dowsing news from all over the world, with stories of new discoveries as well as the latest methods people have developed to meet various tasks.

There are many Dowsing sites to be found on the Internet - the best way to access them is through one of the national Dowsing societies. These societies have links between each other, and as well as giving you their own information they supply links to many other sites of interest to Dowsers.

And these societies will always help you to form a Dowsing chapter / group / club in your town / university / school - just ask! You can even get speakers (experienced Dowsers) to assist your members.

`American `Society of `Dowsers
`PO `Box `24, `Danville, `Vermont, 05828, USA
Tel: (802) 684-3417
`British `Society of `Dowsers
`Sycamore `Barn, `Hastingleigh, `Ashford, `Kent `TN25 `5HW, England
Tel: (01233) 750253
`Dowsers * `Questers / `Canada
`Dowsers: `Joan `De `New, `870 `Main `St `E, `Hamilton, `Ontario, Canada `L8M `1L9
`Vox: (905) 549-7956

`Questers: `Harvey `Maser, `PO `Box `4873, `Vancouver, `British `Columbia, `Canada, `V6B `4A6,
`Vox & `Fax: (604)985-0347
`Holistic `Intuition `Society
'Box 75116 `WestHills `PO, `Calgary, `Alberta, `Canada, `T3H `3M1
Tel: (403) 686-6259

You can join the ` `Digital `Dowsers ' and ` `Dowsers .' These email listservers of the `International `Society of `Dowsers are free.

To join, send an email message to ` ` ' and ` ` ' without any subject, body, or signature.

You will receive messages back, to which you must respond to confirm your wish to join. These list have a web page, and joining gives you access to other subject groups (such as healing) also hosted by egroups.

About the Author

`John `Living has been a `Royal `Engineer, a `Chartered `Civil `Engineer, and a `Professional `Engineer. He started Dowsing over 45 years ago.

`John is a member of the `American `Society of `Dowsers, the `Canadian `Society of `Dowsers, and the `Canadian `Society of `Questers.

His articles have been published in the American, British, and Canadian Dowsing society journals.

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