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AGI Swift Smart Electrode System


Sting R1 with the Swift control unit.

Swift smart electrode switches are a complement to the Sting R1 Earth resistsivity meter which enables automatic measurements to be made for 2D and 3D surveys as well as depth soundings.
The system consists of a central electronic and power unit which interfaces to the STING R1 resistivity meter and (optionally) to a standard PC. Connected to this control unit are the switched electrode cables with up to 254 electrodes. All electrodes are controlled from STING or from the PC depending on configuration. Any combination of current and voltage electrode connections can be set up remotely before a reading is taken.

With Swift and STING a 600 reading 2D profile can be measured in a little over 2 hours. This makes possible routine investigations using state-of-the-art 2D and 3D interpretation methods. See our case stories for details on what can be done!

Key Benefits

bullet Automates otherwise uneconomical investigations
bullet Complete control of measurement array geometry possible
bullet Cables submersiible - withstand harsh handling
bullet Electrode switches with connectors available for simple array redesign
bullet Cables can be supplied in custom lengths and with quick-connect connectors
bullet Switches attach easily to electrodes using rubber bands


The Swift switches are simply attached to stainless steel electrodes in the field using rubber bands.

Standard Swift electrode switch, permanently attached to the cable with water-proof sealings.

Swift electrode switch with bayonet connectors, cable connectors molded and water-proof.

Data / specifications

Control method Each switch digitally adressable. Any line can be activated in a switch (ABMN).
Switch addresses 1-254 available for electrode switches, #255 used for test equipment. Each switch can be easily readdressed by user in the field.
Cable Specially designed multi-core cable for minimized crosstalk and noise pick-up. Outer jacket made from heavy duty yellow polyurethane. Jacket distance coded for ease of layout.
Custom lengths available on request.
Cable with molded quick connectors available on request.
Switch power Idle power: 7 mW per switch total for 254 switch cable is approx 1.8 W
Active power: add 500 mW during measure cycle
Switch size dia 32mm x 210 mm including cable grips. Outer case made from stainless steel.
Environmental Switch is water-proof, can sustain up to 10 m water depth. Special version for deeper work can be offered
Control box Internally powered by a 4 Ah 12V NiCd rechargeable battery. Battery life with 254 switches > 24 hours.
Controls switch activation and channels measure current and potential signals into the Swift cable.
Interface for both Sting R1 and a PC com port.
Software Control software for PC delivered with system. Swift can be operated directly by Sting R1 without PC.
Options Switches are available directly connected to the cable or with integrated multipole connectors for flexible field use.

(prices are subject to changes, so please contact sales for accurate prices)

Description part #
Swift control unit 930 000
28 switch standard cable 933 000
Res2DInv software 920 049

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