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AGI RES2DINV inversion and modeling software

RES2DINV is a software tool that is used to interpret resistivity measurement data into 2-dimensional section maps. It uses data collected with the AGI STING R1 earth resistivity meter preferably in conjunction with the AGI Swift smart electrode system.
Inversion parameters can be set from within the software and different strategies tested for convergence speed. Output data can be further processed for presentation in other software such as Surfer for Windows or similar.

The software is available in versions for MS-DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows 95 and Windows NT.

See the Res2DInv description page for further details on the software.

NEW! There is now also a version ( Res3Dinv) available for inversion of 3D surveys. This version also includes the 2D-package.
It is only available for Windows (16bit Win3.1 and 32 bit Win95/WinNT). You can test it out yourself by downloading it from our public files page.


Sample output from Res2DInv showing measured apparent resistivity (top), inverted model (bottom) and apparent resistivity section calculated from the model (middle).


Key Benefits

bullet Very fast inversion and modeling on Pentium PC:s
bullet Easy input of data obtained with the Sting/Swift system
bullet Can handle a wide range of measurement arrays
bullet Inversion process can be tuned by an experienced user

(prices are subject to changes, so please contact sales for accurate prices)

Description Part #
Res2DInv for MS-DOS 920 049

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