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These papers were presented at the IGARSS 2000 Conference
held in Honolulu, Hawaii - July 24-28th, 2000


Session Chair: Gary Gimmestad
Session Co-Chair: Paul Racette



The Coriolis WindSat System: Critical Design and Testing Issues

St. Germain, K., and P. Gaiser, Naval Research Laboratory, USA

FR01.0840 Cloud Profiling Radar (CPR) for the CloudSat Mission

Li, F.K., E. Im, S.L. Durden, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, USA;
R. Girard, Canadian Space Agency, Canada;
G. Sadowy and C. Wu, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, USA

FR01.0900 The CloudSat Profiling A-Band Spectrometer/Imager, PABSI

Crisp, D., V. Duval, P. Mouroulis, R. Pollock, D. Vane, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, USA; et al.

FR01.0920 Statistical Analysis of a Lower Bound on Microwave Radiometer Brightness Temperatures

Ruf, C.S., University of Michigan, USA

FR01.0940 Electromagnetic and Thermal Analyses of Radiometer Calibration Targets

Jackson, D.M., Georgia Institute of Technology, USA;
and A.J. Gasiewski, NOAA/Environmental Technology Laboratory, USA

FR01.1020 Advances in Microwave Digital Radiometry

Piepmeier, J.R., NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, USA;
A.J. Gasiewski, NOAA/ETL, USA; and J.E. Almodovar, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, USA

FR01.1040 Space-Based Lidar System (ORACLE) for Global Ozone and Aerosol Measurements

Browell, E.V., NASA Langley Research Center, USA;
and A. Dudelzak, Canadian Space Agency, Canada

FR01.1100 Future Applications Using Return-Pulse Correlation for Imaging Laser Altimeters

Blair, J.B., M.A. Hofton and D.L. Rabine, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, USA

FR01.1120 Photon-Counting Microlaser Altimeters for Airborne and Spaceborne Topographic Mapping

Degnan, J.J., NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, USA

FR01.1140 Unattended Lidar Systems for Monitoring Tropospheric Ozone

Gimmestad, G.G., Georgia Institute of Technology, USA;
and R.M. Hardesty, NOAA/ETL, USA