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This page has links for all download files available from The Audio Pages.  There are not many, but the ones here are all very useful.

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Stores - Small Business & Hobbyist Stock Management
Cron - Windows Job Scheduler
Discrete transistor data
Heatsink thermal rating calculator
International Rectifier thermal application note (AN-1000)
Linkwitz-Riley crossover calculator
Linkwitz transform calculator
Multiple feedback bandpass filter calculator
Passive Crossover Design Spreadsheet
Theile-Small Parameters Spreadsheet
World Time Clock

Datasheets (links to component search engines only)

Windows DLL Files
For those poor souls who have tried to get a copy of the Visual Basic DLL, visit
and select VB4run.exe as a download.


STORES - store.exe (Self extracting archive - 29,948 bytes)  The Stores program was written to replace my old stock management system, which was past its use-by date.  Stores is a basic but extremely useful stock management program, that allows small manufacturers, repair shops and hobbyists to maintain a full database of all the parts they normally use.  It is not limited to electronics, and can be used with anything, from tools, car parts to spares and finished goods in any industry.  The version here is limited to a single database of 250 entries in a single database file, and has no reports (although the menu items are still there).

The program may be registered, which will get you a CD-ROM and unlimited downloads of updates and additional functionality.  The full version supports unlimited database size, 5 separate database files, stock value and re-order reports, with more to come.

Both versions of the program have extensive help, and use a simple text database format.  Even without indexing, a search on a 32,000 record database takes about 2 seconds on a Pentium 666MHz machine.

Registration is US$29.00, and includes the CD-ROM, with the latest version and as a bonus also includes the ESP construction articles in both HTML and PDF format.  The CD-ROM also contains the key to unlock future downloads.

CRON - cron.exe (14,428 bytes - self extracting archive)  Very simple but useful job scheduler for WindowsTM machines, and it has nothing to do with audio.  Ideal for PCs or servers to schedule network backups (via a simple batch file), or to run other programs at the selected time(s).  Can control up to 10 scheduled jobs.

ESP-SEMI - esp-semi.exe  (37,735 Bytes - self extracting archive)  This is a small program to find transistor data.  Not everything is listed (1442 different devices).  Download a copy, place it into the directory of choice and run the program, which is a self extracting archive.  There are two extracted files - ESP-TRAN.EXE and BIPOLAR.TXT, being the executable and database respectively. ESP-SEMI.EXE may be deleted after extraction unless you want to give a copy to someone else.    New stuff can be added as you find the data.  If you add a lot of stuff, feel free to e-mail me a copy of the new database (compressed, please!), and I will add it to the database file.

For users who eschew Windows, the text file is still useful, as it can be read with any text editor or even a spreadsheet (TAB delimited format).  Be careful with spreadsheets, as they like to try to convert some data into dates (really useful).

ESP-LR - esp_lr.exe  (53,760 bytes)  Linkwitz-Riley crossover network calculator program.  Shows the component values needed for the selected frequency, or will show the frequency for given component values.  The help screen also has the standard E12 and E24 component value range for reference.

ESP-LR12 - esp-lr12.exe (66,560 bytes)  Version 1.2 supports both 24dB/Octave and 12dB/Octave Linkwitz-Riley filters for greater flexibility and more options for the constructor.

MFB-FILTER - mfb-filter.exe (48,128 bytes)  This program is designed to take the tedium from designing multiple feedback bandpass filters.  These filters are commonly used in graphic equalisers, analysers and for special applications.  A set of help screens are provided to assist with component value selection, and for determining the optimum frequency and Q of the filters for various applications.

WTIME - wtime.exe (180,224 bytes)  WorldTime95 - An interesting and useful world time clock, submitted by Cyril Martin.  Has 160 different cities, so time zone selection has never been easier.  Requires Microsoft Visual Basic 6 runtime libraries.
TERMS AND CONDITIONS:  The ESP programs shown here are distributed as Freeware, and as such may be freely given away.  Do not modify the programs or change them in any way.  Software is believed to be bug and virus free, but ESP accepts no responsibility for data or other loss howsoever caused.  It is the user's responsibility to scan for viruses before using any program.

Please note that the executables are 32 bit, and need VB40032.DLL to run.  This should be in your \WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory.  Sorry, but the programs are only available for Windows95TM or above.


LINKXFRM - linkxfrm.exe  (54,723 bytes, self extracting zipped archive)  An updated version of the excellent Linkwitz Transform spreadsheet from True Audio (  This has had additions from Dean Canafranca (one of my readers) and I added the ability to use litres or cubic feet in the new section.  This is reproduced with the kind permission of True Audio.  The spreadsheet is in Microsoft Excel format, and is zipped to reduce the download time.  (Unzipped size is 124,416 bytes.)

TERMS AND CONDITIONS:  The Linkwitz Transform spreadsheet is the intellectual property of True Audio, and permission to re-publish or otherwise distribute the program may be granted only by True Audio.

LS_PARAM - ls_param.xls  (12,161 bytes) Theile-Small loudspeaker parameters made easy.  Use this spreadsheet to determine all the Theile Small parameters, with a few simple measurements (See the article Measuring Loudspeaker Driver Parameters for the details of the tests.

HEATSINK - heatsink.exe  (9,169 bytes, self extracting zipped archive)  This is a calculator to allow you to determine the thermal rating of a heatsink, based on the size of the fins and base.  It is passably accurate, although slightly pessimistic compared to manufacturer ratings (either that, or it is more realistic).  Heatsink dimensions can be in inches or millimetres, and the total heatsink thermal resistance is in degrees C/W.  The spreadsheet is in Microsoft Excel format, and is zipped to reduce download time. (Unzipped size is 34,304 bytes.)

XOVER - xover.xls (35,840 bytes)  Design passive crossover networks with ease - includes zobel network for woofer inductance compensation, notch filter for tweeter resonance supression, and 6dB/Octave and 12dB/Octave Linkwitz-Riley aligned passive networks.  Refer to the article Design of Passive Crossovers for full details.

Application Notes

an-1000.pdf (54,462 bytes)  This application note from International Rectifier ("Mounting Guidelines for the SUPER-220") is a most excellent source for further information on transistor mounting.  It is somewhat specific in some areas, but the basic information is very good indeed.  Recommended reading.

Data Sheets

The links below are your best source of datasheet downloads (for Questlink you need to create a login, but it's free - they just want to know who you are, and PartMiner requires a download from their site).

Wonderful search engines to locate parts.  Highly recommended.
PDF EE Design Center/ Chipcenter - Your best source for component data sheets - the best I have found !
PartMiner PartMiner - Simple and free - searches the web for components.  This has saved me a lot of anguish!

NOTE:  Product Specification Sheets are Copyright (c) of their respective publishers / manufacturers and these links are provided as a service to readers.  Any inclusion of a specific link or reference to a particular manufacturer's data sheet(s) does not imply any affiliation or preference for that manufacturer unless there is a technical reason to do so, or no similar device is available from any other manufacturer.

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