Experiments in InfraSonics Notebook

17/08/00: First Results:

The raw Protek 506 data files were imported into my WinInfrad software and processed by performing a crude low-cut filtering process.   See the pictures below which shows the raw data plotted:-

raw001.gif (8044 bytes)

And the low-cut processed data:-

lowcut.gif (13292 bytes)

The results were exported in spreadsheet format suitable for importing into Excel. Further processing was done in the spreadsheet to generate a spectrum display and the results plotted:-

AirPressureSpectrumcr.gif (13313 bytes)

Compare this with the results from a professional site below:-

Microbaromscr.gif (18130 bytes)

Of course one run of measurements don't constitute a definite result but the correlation between my plots and the professional results are encouraging at least.

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