Experiments in InfraSonics Notebook

16/08/00: DCAL401DN Electronic Interface:

Initially the experiments will be carried out on acquiring signals of frequency 0.5Hz and below.   The data acquisition interface is implemented using a Protek 506 Digital Voltmeter with a RS232 interface with a sample rate of 1 sample per second.    The circuit diagram is shown below.

interfaces.gif (4429 bytes)

The DCAL401DN gives a zero pressure differential voltage of about 0.45 Vsupply.   The output voltage is ratiometric so a potentiometer is placed across the Vsupply and set to the zero differential output level.  The digital voltmeter is connected between the potentiometer slider and the output of the sensor and set to 400mV fullscale.

Protek 506 DOS data acquisition software is run on an old laptop (hard drive not working but booted from floppy) and data is acquired from the Protek 506 via an RS232 interface.

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