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Show Basics: Choosing a Company

Finding the Right Firm
By David Lytle, Editor, The Laserist

Choosing a laser display company for your organization's next special event or production is a task that can be made easier by spending a few minutes on the website. We offer a wealth of information about laser displays in general and about ILDA companies that can produce a laser displays virtually anywhere in the world.

If you're not already familiar with laser displays, go directly to Show Basics and read the articles on beams shows and graphics. Next, you can gain an idea of the latest in show trends by visiting Show News, where we provide brief accounts of innovative shows produced in the last few months. All news articles feature hotlinks to the companies mentioned, so if you find something of interest, just click on the link and you'll be transported to the company's web site.

To get a visual grasp of what today's leading companies are producing, visit the Image Gallery, where you'll see photos of award-winning displays. You'll also find information there on how to purchase a videotape of all the winning entries to ILDA's most recent competition. This two-hour tape is a great way to see the work of more than a dozen companies. A list of all winning entries to the 1999 Awards competition can also be found at ILDA Awards.

If you have a particular company in mind, or would just like to browse through a list of ILDA members that produce shows, visit the ILDA Membership Directory, where you can find a brief description of each member company and a hotlink to their website. You'll find companies that produce laser shows under the Corporate category and equipment suppliers under the Affiliate category.

Finally, you can go directly to our Marketplace section, where you'll find companies that produce shows under the "Services" category.

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Laser Images, Inc.,
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