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Subject: Extended Receive/Transmit for the IC-W32A

NOTICE: I can not guarantee specifications beyond the amateur bands.
I am not responsible for any damages incurred in attempting this procedure. 
This modification may cause undesired operation.
This modification may void all warranties.

This modification DOES NOT require any physical modification of the radio; all you
have to do is push a couple buttons right there on the front of the radio. You don't even
need to take out any screws so it is perfect for those of us that don't feel like opening up
the unit an possibly damaging it.  It can also be undone by resetting the CPU as described
in the manual.

After conducting this mod you will be able to:

Tx on all frequencies between 140.000 MHz and 150.000 MHz (Not near as good as the
other mod where you actually have to pull out the diode, But the stuff below is what
makes this mod exciting)

  Air VFO 108.000 - 136.000 MHz (same as before)
  Weather receive (same as before)
  144 VFO 136.000 - 199.99 MHz (extended beyond listed specs)
  300 VFO (never existed until now) 300.000 - 399.99 MHz
  440 VFO 400.000 - 599.99 MHz (extended beyond listed specs)
  800 VFO (never existed until now) 600.000 - 999.99 MHz (Cell Blocked*)

* (Despite the fact that the actual Cell frequencies are blocked they still come in loud and
clear between approx. 610-690 MHz with the majority in the 625-640 range.
author is providing this information for informational purposes ONLY!  How would you
like it if people were listening in on your phone calls?)

So now that your all exited about the prospect of listening to frequencies that according
to the manual the radio is not even able to tune, you probably what to know how its done
so here it is in ONE simple step.

1. While holding down the Squelch button (above PTT, button #3 according to my
manual) and the "Band" button (button #7, according to pg. 1 of my manual) turn the
radio on by pressing and releasing the power button. Continue holding down the squelch
and band buttons.  You will notice that all of the LCD panels characters are activated. 
Go ahead and release the other two buttons, the radio will come on as normal. VOILA!
You have successfully modified you radio.

Now that it is done you still need to learn how to access the new VFO bands.  This is just
as easy as it is to access the weather and air bands. 

1. Press the "MAIN" key as many times as necessary so that the MAIN icon appears on
the left hand side of the screen. 

2. Make sure you are in VFO mode by pressing the VFO button.

3. Press the BAND key to cycle through the bands. You can scan these frequencies and
save them to memory just like any other band.
  NOTE: When you put frequencies from the new bands into a memory channel it goes
into the same set of channels as your 440 band frequencies.

I hope you enjoy this mod.  I have not conducted the other extended transmit mod on my
radio.  So I don't know if you can transmit on these new frequencies with that mod in
place.  I would love to hear from someone that has done both of these mods.



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