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Subject: IC-W31 RX Mod

Skip Allison writes:

Remove chip jumer W1 on the logic unit.  This should open it up to 
receive 100 - 300 on VHF and 300 - 999 on UHF.  I don't remember if it's 
marked too well, but it's near the lower left corner of the 
microprocessor right next to 2 diodes.  It looks like a chip resistor.

Good luck.



Crossband Repeat Mod

1.) Select the two frequencies you want to crossband on.
 2.) Press the function button and then the call button.  This will place the radio in locked mode.  The radio will indicate this by putting a black L in the lower right of the screen.

 3.) Turn the radio off.

 4.)  While turning the radio back on press and hold the "MONI", the "#", and "RPT" buttons simultaniously.

 The black L in the lower right corner should be flashing.  You are now crossband repeating!!!

 To return the radio to regular operations...

 1.) Turn the radio off again.

 2.)  While turning the radio back on press and hold the "MONI", "#", and "RPT" buttons again.

 3.)  The black L should not be flashing anymore.

 4.)  Press thr "FUNC" key then the "CALL" key again and the L should disappear.  You are now back in Regular radio mode.


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