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From Thu Sep 23 11:05:24 1993
From: (Marc Grant)
Subject: W21AT mods, con't
Organization: Texas Metronet, Internet for the Individual  214-705-2917 (info)
Date: Mon, 20 Sep 1993 16:16:40 GMT
Lines: 25

Here are the W21AT mods (2) that I have compiled to date:

	W21AT Wide receive enable:
Turn off the radio
Push the B + # and turn on the radio, wait 2 seconds after the display
returns to normal.  Go to the set mode, look for 1 and PL in the display. 
Turn the main tuning knob to 100 and push clear.  This will enable direct
frequency entry.

	W21AT Mini-repeater mode:
Set the frequencies you desire
Lock the key board, pusg the function + C and turn off the radio
Push the function + moni + rpt-m and turn on the radio

To cancel mini-repeat mode:
Leave radio on, push function + c buttons

Disclaimer:  These mods are posted for information only, try them at your
own risk.

Marc B. Grant, N5MEI | | 214/231-3998 (voice)
   P.O Box 850472    |    | 214/231-0025 (fax)
Richardson, TX 75085 |                     |
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