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Subject: IC-V8000 Mod

Heres the mod to extend the TX. I have seen  this mod done and works 
well and easy to perform. 

Remove the 3 allen screws from the face and remove the face from the radio.
(Being careful of the speaker wires that are connected to the face and main 
PC Board. Next locate the 2 small diodes located behind the volume and 
squelch controls. Carefully, remove the diodes. (These diodes are very 
small). A magnifying glass is useful to see them. Place the face back 
on the radio. Connect power and antenna. There you go. Extends transmit 
to 136 - 174 MHz. It may be necessary to do the factory reset procedure 
to complete the mod. Please see your owners manual. 

--- Matthew Blanchard 
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nother fine mod brought to you by :
DA inc.  A PFO company.
Dan Asbjornsen

8000 mod wide TX

On the front panel there are 4 diodes side by side, directley to the left of D11 on the photo
remove all 4 diodes. ( if equiped   ) There were two diodes on mine, (US model), remove both; or all four if there are four.
 re-set the CPU per owners manual.

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