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Subject: IC-T22A Mod

I have found two mods for this perticular radio thanks to Thayer
 To expand receive from 136-174MHz FM to 136-174/270-410MHz FM:
 1.    Turn radio off
 2.    Hold MR & UP SCAN arrow down while turning radio on... 
       don't release for 5 seconds
 3.    Go into the set mode by pressing the function & 8
 4.    You are looking for the function " 1 PL "
 5.    Turn the main tuning knob until you see " 100 PL ". 
       This enables direct freq. entry
 6.    Press Clear to return to VFO mode.

Regarding the mods for the Icom T22A, first remove the battery and
antenna. Separate the case by removing the four black phillips screws
and two  bottom silver phillips screws (leave the two top  silver
phillips screws alone).
On the half that has the PTT switch and 'front' of  the radio, locate a
bank of diodes just to the right and below the printing 'UHF'' on the
circuit board down near the lower right side of the board. There are
four of them, three black with 'AY' printed on them and  having three
leads on them, one silver having the number '18' on it and only two

If you are holding the radio parts vertically, (the printing 'UHF' is
right side up), then the block of four will be:

	   AY 18 
	   (blank) AY 

Using a micro solder iron with a pointed tip - be careful to apply just
enough heat to loosen the top '18' and 'AY' diodes and lift all but one
of the leads off of each with a jeweler's screwdriver or the tip of an
x-acto knife. By leaving one of the leads attached you have the option
of reattaching them if you choose to. These diodes are so small you
would otherwise lose them and if you ever need to send the radio back
to Icom for repair the warranty would be voided. I also use a loupe to
better see what I'm doing.

Because there's not much clearance (these things are about the size of
a pinhead) you have to be VERY careful with the soldering iron.

This will give you all the extended ranges of the radio. 

Good luck and keep a steady hand, 



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