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Subject: modifying the ICOM IC-Q7A.

I have discoverd by the process of exploration ,how to modify the
IC-Q7A for out of band and the rest of the 440MHZ amateur band
transmission.  This is a timely task to do.   Here is the process. 1.
Remove battery,antenna,and tuning knob.  2.Remove the two screws in the
battery housing,and the screws on the SMA jack,and tuning knob.  3. Pry
cover open near bottom of radio with fingers. 4.Unsolder speaker leads,
and solder joints along the top of radio, including SMA jack, and the
one joint connecting the sheild by the coil and speaker connection. 5.
Remove to screws connecting RF board. 6. Gently remove the RF board! 7.
Remove screw next to function and PTT switch.  8. Gently lift the main
board out using  a angle technique. 9.  On front of main board there
will be a bank of silver color diodes located by the bottom right hand
corner of LCD. 10. Remove the first diode in the bank. 11. Reassemble
radio go from step 8 to step 1.  After you have assembled radio,insert
battery and radio will automatticly turn on,and the display should say
"CLEAR" .  The proccess  is now complete.  FREQUENCY RANGES.
RX:30-1310MHZ,cellular blocked TX:136-174VHF,400-470UHF

73,from KB8WNA     ELYRIA,OHIO 44035

Date: Sat, 28 Nov 1998 22:01:21 EST
Subject: icom Q7A mods from the factory

I have received the mods for the Q7A radio from Icom.

You will have to take dissasemble the radio by :
 1) Removeing the batteries
 2) Removeing the 2 screws in the battery compartment
 3) Remove rear cover
 4) Desolder and remove the back board
 5) Remove the last screw on right side of radio
 6) Remove the antenna and volume knob and the two nuts
 7) Desolder the speaker  leads
 8) Slide main board out
 9) Hold board that faces the front of the radio towards you
10) Remove the SMT (s) as per icq7a.gif image
11) Reassemble 
12) Reprogram

I have tried this on my radio and it works just great . TX is from 140
Mhz to 170 Mhz and 400 Mhz to 470 Mhz with no degradation in the
receiver or transmitter . I also placed the radio on a service monitor
and specs were the same as manufacturers specs.  ( except the
transmitter He He He ) Be careful and have fun, Any questions about
this mod please feel free to E~Mail me anytime.

Ray    N2ZEM


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