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Modifications for Icom P3-AT

Rx Mod

To open up the receiver from 215.00 to 230.00 and allow direct keyboard
entry of the entire frequency:

With the HT off, hold down "Light" "B" and "#" keys and turn the HT on.

Get into the set mode and you will have a new option labeled "PL".  Turn
the upper right knob to change this to a value of 100.  (The "PL" stands
for "decimal placement")

Get out of set mode, your radio should go from 215 to 230 MHz and allow you
to key in the frequency on the key pad.

This mod was courtesy of Icom America.

Wide band TX mod

This will open up the transmitter from 215 to 230 MHz.

Open the radio as shown on page 66 in the manual.

Look at the back of the CPU board and locate the CPU.  Look to the left of
it and you will see a surface mount diode (D18 on the diagram) mounted
parallel to the CPU.  This will be between 3 solder pads that look like
they will fit a surface mount transistor.

If for some reason you cannot find it just drop me a note and I will
provide you with a copy of the board layout from the service manual.

Remove this part and reset the radio. The radio will now tx over the whole
frequency range.

I discovered this mod my self after performing the modification for the
p2/4at and discovering that it does not work.

- --

If you discover some other mods for this radio, please drop me a email at

If you want you can post these mods anywhere all I ask is you don't modify
this in any way with out my prior permission, do not remove anything, and
keep the PGP signature attached.  The reason I must ask this, is I have had
2 people seriously mess up their radios because someone combined the mod
file I wrote with one someone else wrote.

Unlike other people I have actually done these mods to two radios and have
had no problems with them.  Even though I have not had any problems that
does not mean that you may not have any!

If you would like to check my sig just email me and I will provide you
with my Public Key.


Bryan Fields, KB9MCI


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