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Subject: Icom IC-X2A Mods.
From: Marwynne 

I would like this posted in the Icom Modifications. I have tried 
these mods and they seem to function. I do not recommend that anyone 
try these mods. If they do they do it at their own risk.

Modification Instructions for the IC-X2A Handheld

Cross Band Repeat Function for the ICOM IC-X2A.

You can use the same function set up as for the IC-W2A. The cross band
repearter function works the same. 

To access the cross-band repeat function, first perform the extended 
receive mod by holding down the "Light","B","#" keys while turning on the
This is less of a mod than it is a function. To expand the receiver 
frequency range of the new Icom IC-X2A to 322.00-513.00,
and 800.000-1310.000, do the following:

o  Hold down the Light, B, and # keys while turning the power on.

That's actually a four button sequence, since power on is controlled
by a keypad button.

select the 400 MHZ  band as MAIN
Press F (above the PTT button) and SET (the 8 button)
then using the ^/SCAN button make the lower right symbol of the band say PL
rotate the right knob to set the display to 1,10, or 100 as desired
	1	sets entry to single digits only
	10	sets entry to 10's and single digits
	100	sets entry to all digits

hit PTT

Now - repeat the above for the UHF band - Note It WILL NOT work unless you do
it for BOTH bands. 

Marwynne Kuhn    WB5PWG


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