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Subject: Icom U16 mod
From: (Michael L. Ardai)

In article <3omjss$>, () says:

I'm trying to help a friend program ham frequencies into a newly acquired 
Icom U16 HT.  It has a few commercial freqs in it.
Thus far we can't change the commercial channels.  I FTPed a U16 file 
from the radio mod database, which seems to contradict 
itself.  (It is listed below.)
The file implies that the U16 must have a jumper in a certain spot, in 
order for it to be user-programmable.  Where should this jumper be?

3/4 way down the left side of the logic board which is inside the front cover.>  
The file contradicts itself:  when a new frequency is being inserted, 
should it be entered as five or six digits?

The frequency must be inserted in six digits.  The decimal point must return
to be a valid frequency entry.  Also you must hold the function button while entering the frequency and
then press enter before releasing the function buttion.  

What are the keystrokes required to enter a typical ham 70cm repeater?  
We can't get it to accept a new frequency using the data below...
Thanks in advance and 73 from Leigh/KM6JE in Santa Barbara. 
copied from the Internet:
From: (Gary J. Rosenblum)
Subject: how to program the ICOM-U16

If the U16 has been made programmable by moving a jumper:

Try holding FUNCT down and entering 159357.
It's now in prog mode.  Exit with FUNCT-CLR.
Function + 159357  (Enter program mode)

if the jumper has been removed a colon will now show up between the Ch and channel number
ex Ch 01  with jumper removed Ch:01.  You have only 30 seconds time between 
entries or the radio will time out and return to operation mode.
Function + 1    Encoder tones (1-37) 1=67.0,2=71.9,3=74.4,4=77.0,5=79.7,

         + 2    Decoder tones (1-37)
         + 3    ?
         + 4    Delta + / Delta - offset, 5 digits
         + 5    Frequency, 5 digits (400MHz +)
         + 6    ?
         + 7    Sch. Ch. numbers. Allows alias ch numbers.
         + 8    Transmit timeout enable.
         + 9    TI, Transmit Inhibit
         + SCAN Priority Scan/Ch Scan
         + S.CH Channel Masking
         + CLEAR   End progamming mode

Channel select:  Standard method (up/down arrows or CH# + [ENTER])
Frequency:  Hold [FUNC], Press [5], enter 6 dig freq, [ENTER], release
Rx CTCSS:   Hold [FUNC], Press [2], enter 2 dig code, [ENTER], release
Tx CTCSS:   Hold [FUNC], Press [1], enter 2 dig code, [ENTER], release
Offset Freq:  Hold [FUNC], Press [4], use [#] for up offset, [*] for
              down offset, then enter freq to offset by (ie: [#] [0] [0]
              [0] [0] [0] for no offset, [#] [0] [5] [0] [0] [0] for the
              standard +5MHz UHF offset), [ENTER]
Timeout Timer: Hold [FUNC], [8], Release [FUNC]
Tx Inhibit: Hold [FUNC], [9], Release [FUNC]
Special Channel Number: Hold [FUNC], Press [7], enter the special
channel number (17-99), [ENTER], Release [FUNC]l
Data Transfer MASTER: Hold [FUNC], [BEEP], Release [FUNC]
Data Transfer SLAVE:  Hold [FUNC] with power off, turn on, release

Gary J. Rosenblum       
UNIX Systems Manager          
New York University           
Note: I haven't tried or verified this, proceed at your own risk.  And
DO NOT transmit outside of legal bands for your license.  WA2ISE

This mod  applies to the Icom H16,Midland 70-134B(VHF) and Icom U16(UHF) Radios.
I don't know if Icom made the Midland(probably so) or vice versa,but the info there applies to all of these radios.

First,you need to open the radio.Then on the left side of the board is a jumper that needs to be removed.After removing that,put the radio back together.Turn the radio on.Hold the (F)unction key down and enter 159357 on the keypad.A colon will appear between the "ch" and the channel number.You are now in programming mode.Modes are accessed as follows.....
(F)key plus

1=TX tone
2=RX tone(usually this tone need not be set unless you need to "tone squelch" other stations not on your system)
Tones are as follows.....
Encoder tones (1-37) 1=67.0,2=71.9,3=74.4,4=77.0,5=79.7,

3=Not used.
4=Rpt. offset--Use * for minus,# for plus offset.(IE,to do -600 Khz,you'd press *00600 and [ENT])
5=Recieve freq.(also TX if you use * or # 00000 offset-Simplex)
6=Not used
7=Special channel numbers(number channels so they are easy to remember--only can use 17 to 99)
8=TX time out timer enable
9=TX inhibit(great for channels you want to hear but cannot transmit on.)

After you enter any data,always press enter to go back to 
ch:## screen.After you are totally done,press (F) and [CLR].
Your radio is now ready to use.The Midland and the Icoms are both commercial grade radios.This means that it can be used for your local Fire/EMS/Police/Sheriff's dept you are employed by as well as the local ham repeaters.REMEMBER,unless you are licensed and/or authorized to use a frequency,DON'T.Not only can this land you in hot water with the FCC,it will land you in a lot of disfavor with the agency whose frequency you used if they find you.If you have an emergency,use a are licensed for or use a cell phone.'tis better that way.
Users assume all risks in modifying any radio to make sure it correctly works after any mods.

Kaci L.Harber
FF/EMT-B/Amateur Radio op/Skywarn spotter


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