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From: (David E. Meer)
Subject: ICOM P2AT keyboard mods
Message-ID: <>
Originator: dmeer@scgraph
Keywords:  ICOM, P2AT, HT
Organization: Air Force Institute of Technology
Distribution: usa
Date: Thu, 10 Sep 1992 12:45:54 GMT
Lines: 45

There was a recent posting requesting mods to the ICOM P2AT.  I received
the following info from ICOM Customer Service and they work fine on
my P2AT:

To enable wideband receive and direct keyboard entry of the entire

	with the HT off, hold down "Light" "B" and "#" keys and
	turn the HT on

	Get into the set mode and you will have a new option 
	labeled "PL".  Turn the upper right knob to change this to
	a value of 100.  (The rep at ICOM said "PL" stands for "decimal

	Get out of set mode 

You should now be able to enter VFO mode and just press seven digit keys
to enter any freq directly.  I don't have mine with me now, but I think
you can enter any freq from 0 to 1GHz (within PLL Lock range).

Dave Meer, N6KEF


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