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1.  Remove battery.
2.  Remove 4 screws securing battery.  Slide from front panel.
3.  Remove small black screw below PTT switch.
4.  Carefully separate the front speaker from the body by pulling front
    and rear down toward battery.  Flip it over.
5.  Next remove steel chassis assembly by gently prying up the sides,
    lift up, fold it down.
6.  Solder in new diode next to Q131 and Diode D113.  Looking at Diode
    Matrix with top of radio to the top,  add diode to the empty pad to
    the left of diode D119.  There are 3 points of connection on the
    diode pad.  Two on the left and one centered vertically on the right.
    The diode should be installed between the lower left and the right
    centered connection. (Arrow on diode points to right centered connection.)
7.  Reset CPU by following instruction manual page 23.


 ***->Be careful not to transmit out-of-band, or accidentally operate on
      any non-amateur, unless you are authorized to do so.

                      DO NOT JEOPARDIZE YOUR LICENSE!



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