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Date: Wed, 2 Jan 2002 11:34:47 -0800 (PST)
From: Hector Padron 
Subject: IC-746 higher power mod.

Here is one easy mod that tou don't have listed in your

For all those who wants a little more of driving power for
an old amp with the new IC-746,here is the way to do it
Important settings pots within the IC-746 HF/VHF radio.
Remove the twelve screws holding on the bottom cover. With
the Radio laying flat on it's top remove the bottom cover. 

Underneath the radio there is a board named MAIN UNIT
(B5083J)  where there are 4 important small pots provided 
to increase or decrease  the power output in different
bands as follow:

R-989  HF Power output (rated at 100W)

R-991 50 Mhz band Power Output (rated at 100W)

R-993  144Mhz band Power Output (rated at 100W)

R-994 AM Power output (rated at 40W)

R-546 Tx gain,set at factory for best linearity in TX IF
(better not to play with it)

Do this totally at your own risk.Dont get more than 140
Wts in FM because with high SWR you might damage your final
stage and void your factory warranty.
Note: Be sure to do all the setings over a pure 50 ohms 
dummy load.

Hector Padron

GOD bless you.Que Dios le bendiga.


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