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Icom Freqency expantion for IC-3220A/E/H

Recive mode:

1) VHF Band:	Cut D6 on LOGIC board
	a)      While push and hold [V/Mhz] [MONI] and mic [DN], push
		[POWER] Switch ON.  Range 136-174Mhz

2) AIR Band:	Cut D4 on LOGIC board
		Same as a).
		Range 118-136Mhz

3) UHF Band:	Cut D5 on LOGIC Board
		same as a).
		Range 400-479Mhz

Transmit mode:

1) VHF band:    Attach diode 1ss187 (cord 1750000030) to position D9 on
		LOGIC board jumper vith soldering betueen land A and land B
		Range 136-174Mhz

2) UHF Band:	Attach diode 1ss190 (cord 1750000040) to position D9 on 
                LOGIC board Range 400-479Mhz

3) VHF and UHF both band transmitting:
		Attach diode 1ss181 (cord 1750000010) to position D9 on 
		LOGIC board jumper with Soldering betueen land A and land B
		Range 136-174 & 400-479Mhz

Mini Repeter operation:
		Cut D7 on LOGIC board
		Set desire frequency (also duplex mode if you need)
		Push [BAND] SW  over 2sec, then push [DUAL] appears on the
		 display.  Now quipment turn to DUAL watchmode
		Push and hold [BAND] SW then push [SET] SW until Memory 
		channel number 	turn to brighting .
		Now equipment can operate as MINI-REPETER

		Push [SET] SW until brighting  turns to normal Memory
		channel number...


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