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Subject: IC2IA microphone mod


hello folks...i bought an ic-2ia last week for use by my xyl kb8czl.  i chose
this particular ht for its simplicity of operation (after initial setup).
however, it didn't take long before we began receiving poor xmit audio reports.
it was described as "muffled and constricted - like talking thru a garden hose".
as it turns out the design engineers at icom left no provision to get the
melodious tones of your voice to the microphone except to go thru the plastic
  after i noticed this problem, i returned the radio to my dealer and tried
several others.  they all sounded the same.  then the salesman called icom
service-they admitted they knew of the problem and recommended a hole be
drilled in front of the mic.
   heres how to do it - proceed carefully-
   1. shut off radio
   2. remove battery pack
   3. remove 4 phillips head screws from rear of case
   4. carefully pull off front of case
   5. gently remove mic element from rubber holder
   6. unscrew 4 phillips head screws retaining speaker
   7. support case on soft surface
   8. drill hole thru center of mic rubber from inside - i used 5/64 inch drill
   9. reassemble in reverse order
  10. marvel at fb audio
thats it, folks...hope you like your new ht as much as we do...73, art-k8cit..


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