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Subject: Re: MOD for ICOM 2GXAT
From: (David Johnson)

In <3i134s$> (Gary P. Fiber) 

>David,  For the IC-2GXAT receiver opening do the following steps as 
>1. Turn off the radio
>2. Press and hold the " Function, Scan and Dupe keys "
>3. While holding those keys turn on the radio.
>4. WAIT until the display returns to normal then continue to hold the 
keys for about 2 seconds
>   after the display has returned to normal before releasing the keys
>5. The receiver is now opened up and will cover 138 to 179 Mhz or so.
>   It WILL NOT do aircraft AM receive nor tune into that frequnecy 

That's an interesting note.  I recently did this to my rig (Purchased 
last may, low serial number) and it receives from about 50MHz to 
something like 204MHz continuously!  Including the AM aircraft band.

David Johnson - KJ7GA    "That's no moon...That's a space station."


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