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To set the IC-2800H into cross band repeater mode:
Press and hold "CHG/L" button while holding both VHF and UHF "MAIN" buttons.
When the key lock indicator starts to blink the unit is in cross band

To set the hang up time to 0 on cross band repeat mode, press and hold
"CHG/L" button while holding UHF "MAIN" button and bottom key on VHF side.
When the key lock indicator blinks the unit is set to 0 hang up time.

Michael Anderson


Another reader writes:

This will increase your rx frequencies to 320-530 mhz on the icom 2800 H mobile radio 

1. remove cover 
2.locate main processer,lower part of mainboard ,
  just to the right is a diode marked w13 
3. cut the jumper marked w13
4. enjoy the full coverage 

This is from Icom , and worked real well on my radio ,now I have extended
receive for listining to local police and U.S Air Force aircraft operation
on am.


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