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To modify the IC-2720H for extended xmit (MARS/CAP), remove the two diodes shown in the drawing and picture. 
The drawing shows a cluster of 8 miniature diodes and which two to remove. 
My IC-2720H (US version)  ONLY HAD THESE TWO DIODES INSTALLED.  The other 6 shown in the drawing were already removed. 
I took a picture of the area before I removed the two diodes. 
As you can see in the picture, they are the only two installed in that 8 cluster area, remove them both. 
Extended transmit freqs after removal are: 
VHF:  136.000 - 173.995 
UHF:  400.000 - 469.975 
I removed the two diodes and powered up the radio WITHOUT reseting and the extended xmit was available without loosing any memories. 
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