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Subject: IC2330A extended tx/rx

I picked up a IC-2330a and found there were no least i couldn't find
any, so i decided to find them myself! and this is what i found...
 I have had no problems since performing these mods, but of course i claim no
responsibility if you trash your radio, and of course it will void your warranty!
OK here we go.. on the logic board (behind the display board) are two diodes
 D5, and D6...cut D5 to get 215.00 to 230.00 Mhz TX/RX
     cut D6 to get 118.0 - 135.0 AM/RX
there is a solder pad on the back of the logic board which when the pads are connected
together will enable 136-174 TX/RX, but disable the tone encoder on 2meters only...
haven't spent much time on that to figure out why or how to fix that so
i left then unconnected (don't need to xmit there anyway) but if someone
else can figure it out let me know! i love all mods so if anyone has any 
more they know of for this radio pass them along to me as well..
  Good luck and thanks for reading!!  Steve  KD6QPQ


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