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Subject: IC229H. CPU RFI

Hello From Mike, N3KCT !
For those owners that have encountered CPU RFI from your IC-229, Here's
the fix!

   The problem is cured by properly grounding  the CPU/Display board.

First remove the top and bottom covers.  Then carefully remove the threaded
mic connector which fastens the mic jack to the front panel.

Remove All Knobs and then the four screws that hold the front panel onto
the metal chassis.  This exposes the clear display housing and CPU board
when you slide the front panel off.

There will be three screws that hold the display panel along with the CPU
board onto the main chassis.  Two are next to the mic connector, and one
is next to the channel control knob.   Remove these three screws and the
entire display/CPU section will come off in one piece.  You will not have
to disconnect any of the wiring.

Carefully clean the ground traces that these screws go through on the back
of the CPU board and tin them.  They are around each screw hole on the CPU
board.  When the radio is re-assembled, these traces will now properly
ground out the CPU section and cure your RFI problem.

Appearantly something happened during manufacture that caused these to be
covered with that "clearcoat" stuff to prevent them from grounding out.

This fix has been 100% effective on mine and several other radios.

The problem is NOT in the mic,  it is just poor grounding of the CPU!

Any questions or comments can be sent to:


                                        73 de Mike !!

P.S.  I do not assume any responsibility for this mod, so procede only
      at your own risk and capability.


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