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Subject: ic -208

I found this extended transmit mod for the Ic-208
tryed it on mine and it works great I thought that I
would pass it on

IC-208H (NEW Mobile) Extended RX-TX mod.

Author: KD4CWB -

Place the radio with the front panel toward you and
bottom side / speaker side UP.

Remove the (4) screws located in each corner.

CAREFUL! Go slow, you will need to disconnect the
speaker cable while removing the cover.
Look at the lower right hand corner of the main
printed circuit board.

You should see a silver crystal with the number
"D196D3C" printed on it.

Just above the crystal, you should see an (8x8) matrix
pad (see below diagram).
o o   o o   o o   o o
o o   o o   o o   o o
o o   o o   o o   o-o   <-- Remove
o o   o o   o o   o-o   <-- Remove

Note: there are ONLY (2) resistors in place. (Bottom
right and the one directly above it).

REMOVE BOTH RESISTORS [Do NOT attempt this unless you
know how to use a low wattage soldering iron]

RESET THE RADIO, hold the [SET LOCK] and [S.MW-MW]
buttonsdown during power-up.
DONE! New RX/TX Ranges

118.0000  -  135.9875    RX-AM only
136.0000  -  173.9875    RX & TX (15% RF power
fall-off at lower freq, Full
                          power at high freq)
230.0000  -  399.9875    RX only
400.0000  -  478.9875    RX & TX (Do NOT transmit
below 410MHz on HI-PWR,
                          VSWR fold-back)
479.0000  -  549.9875    RX only
810.0000  -  849.0000    RX only
849.0000  -  869.0000    RX only
894.0000  -  999.9875    RX only


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