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Icom 207H Dual Band Mobil.....
I have preformed this mod on my  IC-207H mobile with success, but doing this
mod is AT YOUR OWN RISK.....

remove the 4 screws ataching the bottom cover and remove the cover. (I had to
 use a small screwdriver to pry on the cover. It's made to fit tight)
with face toward you and belly up look to far right of board and close to you
locate a row of SMT diodes 3 on top then a shift to right and a few more.
The three are in a PERFECT row top to bottom! count from the top of the row
1 2 3. Remove the # 2 & 3 diodes. Now continue looking down from there and
you will see a resistor sticking up in the air (W14). Clip the lead off of
the resistor. Reassemble the radio  and preform a CPU reset by holding the
Set and S.MW buttons while turning the radio on...(page 69 of manual).

You now will have :

    118-135 RX  (stock)
    136-174 TX & RX
    320-399 RX  
    400-479 TX & RX
    849-950 RX

The Transmitter will work and transmit at ALL of the listed 

This mod is easy to preform and takes about 10 minutes to accomplish.


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