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Subject: IC-2000H Mod

Here's the mod for the IC-2000H 2-meter transceiver:

Using a hex wrench, remove the front of the face plate (NOT the main
radio back!!)  Turning it over, you will see the PC board.  Look for
16  solder dots like this:

O O OxO          x = the offending diode that is begging to be destroyed....

O OšO O           

Taking a set of needle-nosed pliers (or the equivalent) snip the "x",
dust off the PC board, and reassemble the radio.  Do a complete
memory/factory reset which is described on page #38 of your IC-2000
series instruction manual  Here's what's involved in the CPU reset
referenced above:

        1) Push [POWER] to turn power OFF.
        2) While pushing [SET] and [PG/CS-MW}, turn power ON
***(All LCD segments appear momentarily, the initial display appears
    and the tranceiver's CPU is reset.)

This modification should take you less than one minute to accomplish. 
You will find your transmit capabilities expanded to 136-174 Mhz. 
Receive will remain at 118-174Mhz.

NOTE:  It is strongly recommended that you purchase the following
optional units:

UT-85 Tone Squelch Unit--allows pocket beep functions and tone-squelch
receive operation--a must if one is plagued by stupid paging tower
inter-mod (a violation of the harmful interference laws...) 

UT-101 DTMF Unit--provides pager and code squelch
functions for selective call and silent standby, etc.

These extras are available for under $100 U.S. dollars.  Highly recommended!!

From: Cameron Mackenzie 
XSubject: Ic-2000H Radio Mod

I read the 2 modification instructions for the IC-2000H.  Both were very
helpful, however, the information could be updated just slightly.  In
regards to the one titled ic2000_2.txt, the instructions and diagram are
invaluable.  The only flaw is in the instruction to do a manufacture
reset after the modification is performed.  This reset is NOT needed to
ensure correct modification.  The out-of-band TX is operational as soon
as the faceplate is re-mounted.  This adjustment to the mod instructions
should make it much easier for those operators who do not wish to
re-program their repeater lists.

Thanks again for the info QRZ!


P.S.: The only time one must reset the rig is when installing the
optional UT-85 or UT-101 upgrade chips.


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