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Subject: Another Icom IC02 Modification

     The following method of modifying the Icom IC02 is an alternate
to the IC02.MOD file.  This one should give you PL out of band without
jumpering 5 VDC to the tone chip.  Use 1N914 or equivelent when adding

1.  On the logic matrix, remove D402 and D403.

2.  Add D402, D403 and D404 with the cathode at 4 o'clock and the anode at 12

3.  Retune the VCO to cover your desired frequency spread.  My 02AT did not
want to go beyond 163 MHz.  I have a friend whowas able to get his to the low

4.  To jump from 140 to 150 or from 150 to 160 (or vice versa) you must "tune
across" the boundry, in the same way that you do for an unmodified 02AT.  For
example, key in 149.995 and then move up until you are in the 150s.  You can
then enter any 150 MHz frequency (starting with the MHz).


 ***->Be careful not to transmit out-of-band, or accidentally operate on
      any non-amateur, unless you are authorized to do so.

                        DO NOT JEOPARDIZE YOUR LICENSE!



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