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            FOR SERIAL NUMBERS ABOVE 34000
               BY LTC STEVE PETERS, CAP

  1.  Remove back from radio (5 screws) and bottom plate (4 screws).

  2.  Carefully remove radio chassis from front case by pulling out top of
      radio and lifting slightly (to remove battery contacts from bottom
      case).  Be extremely careful of ribbon cable and heat sink compound
      on power amplifier module.

  3.  Remove diode D2 from matrix board.

  4.  Add diode D4 (any small diode 1N4148; 1SS211

  5.  The following is a schematic of the matrix board:

       ADD D4                REMOVE D2
      I--+        --+--      --+--        +
      V D4        ID3 I      ID2 I       D1
      I           I   I      I   I
      +    +      +---+      +---+      +   +

  6.  Install radio chassis back into front cover.  Leave back off temporarily.

  7.  Carefully apply power to radio and enter the lowest desired frequency.

  8.  Adjust slug through bottom hole on VCO corr for .5 VDC at VCO test
      point (just below VCO shield) at lowest desired operating frequency.

  9.  This completes the modification.  A few words of caution:  1.  The
      radio is not type accepted for use in the commercial band.  2.  Make
      sure you reinstall the battery latch correctly on bottom of radio or
      battery will become permanently locked onto radio.  3.  Tighten screws
      on bottom of radio snuggly.  If they loosen while battery is connected
      you cannot remove the battery.  (This has happened to any units and
      it would be prudent to periodically check these screws to assure their


 ***->Be careful not to transmit out-of-band, or accidentally operate on
      any non-amateur, unless you are authorized to do so.

                       DO NOT JEOPARDIZE YOUR LICENSE!

Copied from the QRZ! Windows Ham Radio CDROM


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