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Alinco DR-M06, Old TH and new T / TH mod for full TX/RX 

Due to various revisions of the radio's display board (this is where
every mod refers you to) you will find many differences in board layout
and design with no easy way to distinguish between revisions.  If you
look on the Alinco USA website, they state that you can get the
appropriate mod faxed to you if you provide MARS/CAP documentation. For
the rest of us, once you determine which mod fits your radio, be sure
to solder so that both halves of the point are connected (does not take
much solder) and take care not to over flow onto other nearby solder

As you can see there are several mods for the DR-M06 radios available.
I recommend that you have de- soldering tools handy before you attempt

For all mods:

1.	Remove both top and bottom cover plates
2.	Remove VFO knob, Volume, and Squelch knobs
3.      Locate plastic tabs on faceplate and lift them over the
securing posts (two on each side of case) this will enable you to
remove faceplate, but you may have to lift tabs several times to

4.	Remove two small silver screws securing shield to display board.
5.      Remove single small silver screw in center below LCD that
secures board to chassis.

6.      Carefully work board loose from the connectors securing it to
the main board.

7.      Turn over front board to expose CPU side.  Orient so the
connectors to main board are down.

For new DR-M06T/TH  (2/20 watts) Performed on two radios purchased last

8.      Locate the only 2 round copper solder points approximately 1 to
1/2  inches from upper left corner of CPU.

9.      The left solder point when bridged will enable 40 to 60 RX and
40 to 60 or 45 to 60 TX depending on your individual radio.

10.     The right solder point when bridged will disable all "cheat"
functions from the normal function keys thereby locking radio to
factory specifications.  Do not bridge both!

For regular DR-M06 (1/10 watts) From Internet QRZ mod site.

11.     Locate round solder point to left of CPU above left most
connector, bridge point to enable 45-60 TX- RX (Depending on radio,
results may vary).

For Old DR-M06TH models  (2/20watt-upgraded M06) From Radio Tech
Modifications Book 'B'.

12.     Locate 2 round solder points to the left of the CPU and bridge
both points for out of band TX-RX (40- 60 TX and 32-87 RX).  Not many
of these on market.

13.     Reassemble radio with care in installing front panel to main
board.  Connectors are tight and require care during assembly.

14.     Once reassembled correctly, Power on radio while holding the
'F" key on front panel.  Hold key in until display shows all system
information at once (resets the radio).  Power off and connect
Antenna/Dummy Load and Mic before performing frequency range tests.
You would not believe how many radios I see that have this step left

Charles B. Hedricks 


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