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Subject: Re: Mods for Alinco DRM06?
From: (Mike Gathergood)

> Anyone have any information on the new Alinco DRM06 6 meter radio.

I have one of those here. The bands a bit quiet over here, and as you
might have seen in there is a very heated debate over
the proposed repeater network on 51 MHz.

> According to a very informed source there is a mod, but this person would
> not tell me what it is. I would like to know the frequency range transmit
> and receive. To any Net Police out there warming up your flamers. I might
> need a signal genarator and want the radio to do double duty. E-mail me if
> you like. 

Simple trick to extend receive range to 40.00 - 59.99 MHz:

1/ Power the radio off
2/ Power on whilst holding in the CALL / CH. SP. button

That's it! To go back to 50.00 - 53.99 just repeat the above steps.
I have done this to my DRM06 and can confirm it works.

There's a hardware mod for extended transmit/receive. I have NOT done this,
but have been assured by the Technical Editor of a respected UK ham radio
magazine that it's ok. The coverage will become 40.000 to 72+ MHz, though
I understand that the power falls off at the top end, and the receiver
performance is lousy on the (UK only) 70.000 to 70.500 (4m) ham band:

1/ Remove the front panel (I know that's easier said than done. That's why
   I haven't tried it yet!)
2/ Locate a pair of solder blobs on the pcb directly behind the display and
   short them together.
3/ Re-assemble (again, easier said than done).

Hope this helps.

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