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Subject: Mods for the Alinco DR-610T
From: Steve Fuller
Date: 5/3/96 3:09 PM

I was told about about this mod for the Alinco DR-610T.  You may want to 
include it in your list of mods.  I haven't had time to modify my rig yet, 
so I can't vouch for the mod since I have not tried it yet.  But here it is..

I'm told that the mod opens up the transmit capability.  It sounds pretty 
simple.  Please head the usual warnings and disclaimers about transmitting 
outside the HAM band and possible damage to your rig.

1.)  Remove control head from front of the rig.
2.)  Disconnect the cable that connects to the back of the control head.
3.)  Four screws hold on the back cover of the control head.  Remove them 
and the back cover.
4.)  Clip the red and blue wires inside the control head.  Then, put the rig 
back together.
5.)  Hold the Function key down on power-up to reset the rig.
6.)  You will loose the contents of the rigs memories when you perform this 
mod, so be prepared to reprogram them.

Steve Fuller


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