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From: "Christopher Best" 
Subject: Alinco DR605T
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 97 06:23:19 PST

	After looking all over for modifications for this radio (and finding 
none), I decided to open it up and try to find the modification myself.  Alincos 
are fairly easy radios to modify and I found that there is a blue wire behind 
the front panel below the covers.  After clipping this wire and resetting the 
microprocessor, the Alinco would now transmit way out of band.  139.000-173.000 
and 420.000-490.000.
	BEWARE:  This modification will allow the user to transmit on police and 
fire frequencies.  Doing this is against the Law and could bring heavy fines.  
This modification is for educational purposes only.  Transmitting out of ham 
bands is illegal.




Mod for Alinco DR-605T

I have tried an experiment and it worked.  I researched how alinco has
done their mods on their other radios and I found they usually have a
red and blue wire which opens up the TX.  The DR-605T only has a blue
wire.  After removing mine I found that the radio can now transmit from
135 to 173 and from 400 to 499 (into a Dummy load).  I make no promises.
You're completely on your own, and this probably voids the warranty.


1.  Remove the top cover (four screws).

2.  Hold the radio face down on a cloth.

3.  If you look down inside the front cover you can see the single blue
wire.  It attaches to the surface of the board with two solder joints.
Remove the jumper.

4.  Replace the top cover.

5.  Hold down the function key and repower the radio.  This resets the
computer and you will lose your memory channels.

Remember it is illegal to transmit out of the band that the radio was
type classified for...



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