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From: (robert.f.casey)
Subject: DR599t extended RX mod file
Keywords: mods
Message-ID: <>
Date: 1 Mar 92 19:52:56 GMT
Organization: AT&T Bell Laboratories
Lines: 30

copied from packet:
 Msg# TSF  Size #Rd  Date  Time From   MsgID        To
18491 BF   1577   2 29-Feb 2230 KB3ZS  634_WA3NWL   ALL@EPA ()
 Sb: alinco dr599t owners

Hello out there dr599t owners.
Have some interesting info about the rig.  If you take off the removeable
front panel and remove the two phillips screws holding
the front panel together, you will find two junper wires (one red,
the other blue).  Cut both jumpers and reset (funct + power).
Remember to write down all your memories.  You will find that the radio
will recieve on 108.00 to 142.990 AM on the vhf side and 850.000 
to 909.9875 on the uhf side.  To activate the (EXTRA OPTIONS), just press the
VHF and also the UHF BAND buttons twice.  With each press, you will 
activate either the normal or the EXPANDED band capabilities of the
radio.  It's nice when a Ham creates a rig to do things for other Hams.
Look Ma, no special wiring or soldering to do.
just cut some jumpers and away you go.
Just remember, no transmitter operations on frequencies you are not allowed!
For the complete file, check into the Langhorne Connection BBS
via 2400 or less via phone line.  Other Ham information
is available on this BBS.
The number to call is 215-322-2133 weekday evenings 6pm to 6am (local)
and all weekend long.
Note: I haven't tried or verified this, proceed at your own risk.  And
Do Not transmit outside of legal bands!  WA2ISE

Copied from the QRZ! Windows Ham Radio CDROM


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