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Article: 26378 of
From: (Ken Johnson)
Subject: DR570 MODS
Date: 12 Oct 1992 19:16:49 -0700
Organization: UCSD Usenet Gateway
Lines: 12
Sender: (The Devil Himself)
Message-ID: <>

Paul;  et al;   Here's how to get to the 850 band on a modified 570:

1.  make sure the 2M side of the radio is in VFO mode...
2.  push  to make 2M the sub-band (440 side is the main band)
3.  push  ...  "SUB" indicator should come on...
4.  push ...  should see some freq. in the sub-band.
5.  push ...  should see some freq. in the sub-band.
6.  push  ...  back to "normal" radio mode...
7.  push  to switch the band to the main band where
    you can play with it..

Ken.    KC4YOZ

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