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Date: 7 Jul 90 04:22:14 GMT
From: philmtl!philabs!briar!  (Robert Casey)
Subject: Alinco DR510 Crossband Repeater Mod

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29789 BF   4806   0 24-Jun 0021 N8KNJ  2111_KA3T    MODS@NYNET ()
  Sb: Alinco DR-510 Cross-Band Rpt MOD

  DR-510 - Vehicular Extender Modification

  I discovered this modification the other day and wish to share it
   with other 510 owners, I did it and it works for me!

   I did not originate the modification and will NOT accept any
   responsibility for any damage the may occur as a result.
   (I won't myself.  WA2ISE)

  How to do it

1.  Remove bottom cover

2.  Remove 2 Phillips screws at corners of subtone board
    (small board near center in front) and move the tone board out of
    the way.

3.  Solder an 16V electrolytic capacitor
  (10MFD to 100MFD but best to use 40MFD to
  50MFD) as follows:

  A.  Neg (-) lead to pin 8 on device (IC) labeled - M54959P
  B.  Pos (+) lead to pin 3, counting from left while facing front
     of transceiver of the white 11 pin connector.

                ANT                                      Power cord

                        l   M54959P   l
                        l_____________l     (-)
                        l l l l l l l l------47uF+
                             [][][][][][] [][][X][][][][][][][][]

4.  Remove top cover and faceplate of transceiver. Be careful of speaker wires!
A.  To remove faceplate:
 1.  Remove main dial knob and retaining nut.
 2.  Remove mic. socket retaining ring.
 3.  GENTLY lift tabs, located approximately 3/4" in from each side,
on top of faceplate and "rotate" toward front of the transceiver.
 4.  When tabs are "free", turn transceiver over and repeat
the process. Remember - gently!
 5.  Set free plate aside.

5.  Locate surface monnt device labeled R-35 on control board
(front of transceiver).
A.  R-35 is positioned between, and slightly below, the squelch and
high/low power button.  To the left of device R-35 is a "circle" trace.
inside the "circle" trace are two solder pads, one of which is already
soldered to R-35.

6.  Bridge the unsoldered pad to the soldered pad inside the "circle" trace.

7.  Short R-35
LCD            (Vol)    (Seq)    [Power]

                       (ll)-  + [Hi/low]
                        ^  ^
                        l R-35
                        "circle" trace pads


8.  Replace faceplate, retaining nut, retaining ring, tone board,
bottom and top of transceiver.

1.  Store different bands (2m or UHF) in VFO mode and Memory Channel 1-9.
Any thing you can store in memory 1-9, split, subtone enc,
subtone dec will work.
2.  Store "DUAL" mode in VFO (Simplex) also it will accept subtone enc
and subtone dec.
3.  Turn power off and then keep pressing the REV key, turn on the power
4.  Audio Vol. control is your deviation control in repeater mode.
5.  To return to normal operation turn off power then turn on again
without pressing any keys.


The transceiver scans back and forth between the VFO and Memory until
it finds a signal then it locks on and transmits what it hears on the
other band.  This scanning causes a slight delay when keying up as the
radio takes time to scan.  I recommend the use of subtones when
possible so that the radio will not key up on noise and not allow
non-authorized personal to use your radio, the transmissions of which
YOU are responsible.

                     Good Luck, es 73's  Rick N8KNJ

Note: I haven't tried this, proceed at your own risk.  WA2ISE


Copied from the QRZ! Windows Ham Radio CDROM


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