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Date: Thu, 11 Nov 1993 15:32:24 -0600
From: (Paul W Schleck KD3FU)
To: bowen@cs.Buffalo.EDU
Subject: Alinco 1600 Packet Mod/Interface, Please Archive
Status: RO

>From: (Milt Sanders)
>Subject: Re: Wanted:  Pinouts for Alinco HT for Packet
>Date: Thu, 11 Nov 1993 11:41:03 -0700

In article ,
(Milt Sanders) wrote:

> I just purchased a TNC last night and was trying to find out how to hook it
> to my DJ-180T Alinco HT.  My two other rigs have the required data in their
> manuals, but the Alinco HT does not.  Does anyone have the data/circuit
> necessary for the external mic connections to hook up to packet?  I will
> publish any replies plus my successful connection diagram when it gets
> done.
> Thanks in advance 
Just got FAX back from Alinco:  nice service:  about 1 hour and in hard

                    Alinco DJ-180T Packet Connection

                   2.5mm stereo plug                                       
                                   .          |  |  |
to mic     |  |  |
jack       |  |  |___________________________._______ground (TNC)
           |  |  sleeve
           |  |__________o Ring - open
           |                       0.1-1.0 uF capacitor
           |________________.______|      |__________audio output  TNC
                            |      |      |      
                            |--------/\/\/\/\--------PTT   TNC
                        .                              4.7-33K ohm resistor

                    3.5mm mono plug
            |     |
            |     |______________________________ground   TNC
            |                   sleeve                                     
                     .           |                               (same as
other plug ground)
            |     tip
            |__________________________________audio input   TNC

2.5mm stereo plug into mic jack 
     Tip to TNC audio output through 0.1 to 1.o microfarad capacitor
          with parallel resistor 4.7 to 33K ohm to PTT switch
     Ring open
     Sleeve to TNC ground

3.5mm mono plug
     tip to TNC audio input
     sleeve to TNC ground (same ground as other plug)

Data received as FAX from Alinco this morning (11 NOv 93)

Sorry about the graphics, so much for ASCII



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