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Subject: Alinco DR-150T

From: "Terry E Muskoff" 

Wow I'm the only one with the mods for this, Alright!   It's so simple just
cut both red and blue wires which are on the left side of the display.  Tape
the ends so they don't touch anyone.

To get :   TX  - 136.00mhz - ~173.995mhz
           RX -  108.00mhz-~175.00mhz
                 430.00mhz - ~510 mhz

1. unscrew the 4 screws on the top plate

2.cut red loop of wire by the display on the left

3. cut the blue loop of wire by the display on the left

4. tape ends

5. put cover back on

6. Hold down f when you turn it on

  I know this by experimenting with my own radio.  I don't take responsibly
if you ruin yours trying this.  GOOD LUCK and don't stress out, it's not as
hard as it sounds.   73's  KC8NZI    Paul Muskoff


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