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DATE: 25 JAN 1999

SUBJECT: Expanded TX modification for the Alinco DR-140-T:

1. Remove radio from power supply.
2. Open the case top by removing the four screws.
3. Locate the blue loop of wire behind the display on left, near the tone decoder
    board, (with radio display facing toward you).
4. Cut the blue loop of wire, and tape off loose ends. 
5. Replace cover to the radio.
6. Reset the radio by holding the function key down and turning on the power.

Note: Resetting radio will also require re-programing all user set memories.
TX frequency coverage is now increased to 136.000 - 173.995 MHz

This author does not guarantee or warranty either specific or implied, any radio
modification listed in this writing. Any modification which causes operation outside
of the ham bands with any Alinco product will result in voiding any warranties
associated with their transceivers. Transmitting on non-amateur frequencies with
a FCC type-accepted amateur transceiver and/or frequencies not licensed to the
operator is illegal. This modification text is for reference only !


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