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The following modification will expand the Alinco DR-135 transmitter
operating frequency range to 136.000 to 173.995 MHz. 

  1. Disconnect radio from power supply.
  2. Open the case bottom by removing the four screws.
  3. Locate the blue loop of wire at the back of the front panel
      (look into the opening near the center). 
  4. Cut the blue loop of wire, and tape off loose ends. 
  5. Replace cover to the radio.
  6. Reset the radio. 

  Note: Resetting radio will also require re-programing all user set
  memories and will probably void all warranties. 
    Rick Barber  -  XE2/WB6EZI  
    Live where you Play !!!       
    Mulege`, BCS,  Mexico    


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