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From: 72277.550@CompuServe.COM (Bob Ross)
Subject: MFJ - ALINCO & 9600
Date: 1 Feb 93 04:32:22 GMT
Organization: UCSD Usenet Gateway
Lines: 32
Message-ID: <930201043222_72277.550_DHJ69-1@CompuServe.COM>

Hello Angelo...

>> I am using the MFj-1270B with the MFJ G3RUH modem with my Alinco 1200 data
>>radio to connect to a Cluster high speed backbone network.. It works great
>>for me.. I am wondering the mod that Alinco suggested to you?? There were
>>several of them. 

The Mod was as follows:

1.  Remove R-31
2.  Remove C-40 (save this part, it is to be reused!)
3.  Connect one leg of C-40 to PIN 7 of the VCO Board
4.  Connect a jumper from the free leg of C-40 to the HOT end of C-35
              The MIC input is now connected DIRECTLY to the VCO!


1.  Disconnect the PINK wire connected to the MIC connector and the PC Board
    from the PC Board
2.  Reconnect the PINK wire to PIN 2 on the IF Board connector
         This eliminates the low pass filtering on the discriminator!

I am real happy to hear that at least one mfj & alinco works..  Is this the mod
you used???

Thanks Bob Ross n2oml
internet  -

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