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From: (robert.f.casey)
Subject: 9600 baud mod for Alinco 110, 112, 1200 radios
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Organization: AT&T
Date: Sun, 26 Jul 1992 04:35:34 GMT
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 Sb: 110, 112, 1200 MODS SAME!

Hello FELLOW Packeteers!  I just got off the phone with Matt from Alinco!
I have been asked if the 9600 baud Mod that I posted would also work for the
110.  YES IT WILL!  The 110, 112 and 1200 radios are identical except for 
the power output of the 1200 (25-watts high power compared to the 45-watts of
the 110 and 112!) and the 112 has a LCD display to replace the piece of junk
one on the 110!  Also, if you want to have more power in the 1200, you can buy
the 100/112 PA Board (45-watts) for $65.00 from Alinco.  It also requires
buying 4 high power switching diodes for $20.00 from Alinco.  $85.00 for 
20-watts?...Doesn't sound like a good investment to me.  Don't forget the time
involved with doing this mod.  I discourage the use of HIGH POWER and have
posted bulletins on this subject!  Never the less, I feel obligated to pass
this info on to you, I am not the U.S. Government, I will NOT keep things
from you!  To follow is the 9600 baud Mod I received from Alinco.  Alinco
warns that the Warranty is void if this Mod is performed!  KA1BOY has been
great enough to try this Mod and says it works great for 1200 baud as well
as 9600 baud!  From all of us to you, THANK YOU BARRY!  One point to remember,
you will not be able to use the radio for voice.  This mod uses the Mic 
1.  Remove R-31
2.  Remove C-40 (save this part, it is to be reused!)
3.  Connect one leg of C-40 to PIN 7 of the VCO Board
4.  Connect a jumper from the free leg of C-40 to the HOT end of C-35
              The MIC input is now connected DIRECTLY to the VCO!


1.  Disconnect the PINK wire connected to the MIC connector and the PC Board
    from the PC Board
2.  Reconnect the PINK wire to PIN 2 on the IF Board connector
         This eliminates the low pass filtering on the discriminator!

That is it to the MOD for the 110, 112, and the 1200!  Remember, you now use
the MIC Connector For inputting 9600 baud and it WILL work for 1200 baud!
A special note to all SYSOPS out there...Buy this radio and do this MOD!  It 
will allow users to set their TXDelay down to a lower setting giving the 
channel MORE throughput!  USERS, make a DONATION to your SYSOPS so they can
help make the system YOU are using, BETTER!  We must all do our part to help!
I would like to hear from all of you that tries this MOD!

Note: I haven't tried or verified this, proceed at your own risk.  WA2ISE

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From: (Paul Traina)
#Subject: Re: 9600 baud mod for Alinco 110, 112, 1200 radios
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Sender: (News Service)
Organization: cisco Systems, Menlo Park, California
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Date: Sun, 26 Jul 1992 20:51:55 GMT
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I have made this mod, and I have the following suggestions:
(a) you can get a "map" of the board via FAX or snail mail from Alinco
    -- this helps a LOT (it's impossible to read component labels) --
    Alinco is in Torrance Calif, in the phone directory.
(b) Throw away C40, it is impossible for a mere mortal to do what they
    are suggesting.  Replace that SMT C40 with an axial .01uf cap
    (non-polarized, anything kind you want, I used a tant.) and some
    insulation tubing over the leads (it needs to stretch 2 inches
    across the bottom of the pcb.

Alinco claims this mod makes 1200bps unusable, untrue, I use my modded
1200 on both 1200 and 9600 bps without noticable degredation of

% lookup ampallang
        Word:  "ampallang"
 Suggestions:  1 employing  2 impaling  3 impelling  4 implying

Copied from the QRZ! Windows Ham Radio CDROM


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