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From: (robert.f.casey)
Subject: DR110 mod file
Keywords: mods
Date: 3 Jul 91 00:21:52 GMT
Organization: AT&T Bell Laboratories
Lines: 20

 copied from packet:

>From:         "CARTY ELLIS (KA2Y)" 
>Subject:      ALINCO DR-110T MODS
To broadband the DR-110T, while holding the "F" and "VFO/M" keys down,
turn off the power and then turn it back on (still holding the keys).
The radio now has factory programming reset - you just lost your memories
but at least mine now transmits and receives from 130 Mhz to 169 Mhz.
Before you do this, remove the top cover - notice the long (2 inchish)
loop of yellow wire coming off the back of the front panel - clip it!
NOW - after resetting the microprocessor - press the "F" key, then
press the "Mhz" key (mine now says 370).  press the "f" key again, then
press the "Mhz" key again - (mine now says 870!).  Mine will scan from
870.000 to 889.995 Mhz.  I selected a 15Khz step because the channel spacing
in this range is 30 Khz.  Toggle the "F" and "Mhz" keys and you're back at
144 mhz.  Enjoy.
Note: I haven't tried or verified this, proceed at your own risk.  WA2ISE

Copied from the QRZ! Windows Ham Radio CDROM


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