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Alinco DJ-V5 Modification

1) Remove antenna, battery, tuning and volume knobs, rubber seals on
antenna and knobs.

2) Place radio face down on a soft cloth. Remove two self tapping
philip screws      from the bottom back side of the radio.

3) Holding the face of the radio with the antenna away from you in your
right hand tip the radio works into your left hand. Be careful not to
pull the two parts far apart due to speaker mounted in the face of the

4) Lay both parts down on cloth. Looking at the right side of the
circuit board with the lcd display upward and at the top you should see
a small blue wire 3/4 " long just above the soldered speaker
connections and below two surface mounted transistors labeled  " Q8 &
Q9 ". Remove the blue wire either by desoldering using a low wattage
solder station or snip and tape ends to prevent them form shorting on
circuit board or coming back into contact with each other.

4) Assemble in reverse order.. Reseat self tapping screws by placing
them in the hole and turning them counter clockwise until they move
upward and then fall back down. At that point screw in ( clockwise )
until tight. This helps to prevent stripping plastic screw holes.

5) With radio assembled reset the cpu by pressing the  Band Set button
and then pressing the power button. You should see RESET on your
display. Then press the button on the bottom left front of radio ( . /
v ) . / down key. If it didn't reset try again.

Your radio should be opened up now to receive 76.000 to 999.995 MHZ.
Cellular blocked. Transmit is opened ( VHF UHF ) also. You know or
should know the rules that apply to proper operation permitted.
Warranty may be voided and I do not take any responsibility for any
harm done. Enjoy. 73 LHS..


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